A Peek at one of my Final Weeks (3 to go...)

I'm just all about the linkys lately. I'm trying out a new one today in celebration of your "slide into summer." (I made that up... really it just means, from here on out, we've got more special events than we do normal days which will make the remainder of the school year fly). 

So here is...

I bought some papers from Krista Wallden's TpT store... I needed an excuse to use them so the backgrounds are credit to her Creative Clips!

Crystal Cave is Wisconsin's longest cave in Spring Valley. It'll be a bit if a trek (50 minute bus ride), but since the kids have been studying rocks and minerals in science, it'll be a great match! I have fond memories of going to the cave as kid when my mom ran a daycare out of our home. Crystal Cave was a trip we went on often. I'll have to put on my brave face with all the bats around though. :S

Reading A-Z has over 70 scripts in ranging levels (leveled by their own system as well as F & P levels, DRA levels, Lexiles...) The have some scripts that have 4-5 parts and others that have 8+ parts. They also have mixed level scripts to allow for readers at different levels to participate in the same script!

For more info on how we did this project click the photo below!

14 student days left! Here we go!



  1. I love your sunglasses activity! I might have to borrow it the last week of school. We are having a BBQ on the last day of school for our kiddos! This is the first year we've done it, but since our 5th graders are leaving us *forever*, we wanted to do something extra special. I'm praying that the weather is nice, since there's no rain date, and we're doing this as a surprise for them!
    Chalk & Apples

  2. Please feel free to check out my blog I just started. www.journeyto5thgrade.blogspot.com


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