Anchors Away: Non-Fiction Anchor Charts

I need to do some disclosures:

1) I really should save this until next Monday, as this linky is made for Mondays and let's me honest, we're closer to the upcoming Monday as opposed to the past Monday. But... I'm not always the most logical, so we move on.

2) These 2 charts are NOT my own! They were actually done by some of our instructional coaches in the district at one of our Professional Developments on Literacy this year. One reason I am blogging about them is because these have been on my phone for months and I completely forgot about them! I figured if I blogged about them, I'd be more likely to recall them for next year, as I think they are great when you begin a non-fiction unit!

So, now that that's over, I present my anchor charts for this installment of Anchors Away!

This chart is excellent as it shows multiple ways you can document your thinking while reading non-ficiton. Also, it gives sentence starters and visuals as to what it might look like! 

I love a good graphic organizer, but I also think it is important to teach students how they can create their own organizer with just a given piece of paper. This is a great reference chart for this. I would also add to this chart types of skills that you might use with each of these. For example, under the venn-diagram, maybe add the words compare/contrast or boxes and bullets add the words main idea/details. I'll still use graphic organizers, especially for ELs, but I like this idea also!

Bop over to Deb's Linky for more anchor charts!


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  1. Kelli, I totally agree with you!! These are some anchor charts that I want to remember!! I especially love that first one. Those words "burst with curiosity" and "see a strong image" are such powerful phrases. Thank you for linking up- my goal was to get to 5 this week, so I was thrilled to see your link up last night!!


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