Double Linky: Monday Made It & Anchors Away!

What an exciting Monday. Why you may ask? Well, for one, after today we only have 3 Mondays left folks until that summer bell rings and alarm clocks go off for nearly 3 months! That alone deserves a round of a applause.

What makes it even better? Why it's Monday Made It! I can't wait for summer to participate and create in Tara's Monday Made It Linky. It's gotta be one of my favs! I started a little project for the end of the school year (it's not done so this is more like a Half-Monday Made It) that I wanted to share in case you were trying to think of an end-of-year gift for your students. Stay tuned at the end for the debut of Deb Hanson's Anchors Away Anchor Chart Linky! I love anchor charts! This linky sounds perfect!

First-up: Monday Made It

(Alert: I started this project during the afternoon when I had beautiful sunshine streaming in our dirty windows. I then had to make dinner, do dishes, and laundry and didn't return to this lil' project until it was dark- thus, some photos are darker than others.)

Student Gift: Mini- Reusable Water Jugs

These are a work in progress. I'm still fancying them up and will add a little somethin' somethin' inside before I give them to the kiddos. 

What you'll need:

*Mini-Water Jugs (2 pack) from Dollar Store
*Metal tags from Office Depot (string version)
*Pens/Markers of your Choice (I'm partial to flairs... not to mention I just bought two packs on sale at Staples)
*Standard Address Labels (30 per page) from any office store
*Packing Tape

Write student names onto tags. I used my markers to add more colors.

Wrap the tag around the neck of the water jug (you can remove it to make it easier). These jugs come in a 2 pack for $1. They are BPA free and a perfect size for small hands. I'm not crazy about the color options (only green, red, and blue tops) but they'll work and with my markers and labels, it'll come hopefully turn out great! I tried to show you the size by using my flair pen.

I then created these labels. Because of font and the fact that these little boogers were tricky to maneuver and manipulate due to my super slow, dying Mac, I took just a screen shot so you can see the wording. However, you can create your own to meet your style and needs. The labels fit PERFECTLY on the front. I'll seal mine with some clear packing tape just so they hold for a little while. I know they will come off when they wash it, but if it last until they get them home, I'm a happy camper.

As much as I love to share what I'm up to, I love to see what others are doing and gain some inspiration. I'll be heading over to Tara's blog to check out the other Monday Made Its BUT first...

I love myself a good anchor chart. However, I'm always conflicted! I'm attracted to the super cute and decorated anchor charts with beautiful drawings and coloring that is perfect. As beautiful as those charts are however, they defeat the purpose of an 'anchor' chart if not created with the students. Anchor charts are supposed to be created with the students so that they take ownership of the learning. They also are more apt to correctly use the chart since they know how it was created. So I've really tried to balance. I try to prep my chart a bit ahead of time with a title, maybe some sort of structure or sentence frames and I mentally plan it out or sketch it on a post-it, but then, I work the rest with my students. Do they turn out super cute? No, not necessarily. But students reference them without me having to say anything. It's funny when we switch out charts how they still look up searching for an old chart (which reminds me- I need to take all those pictures of my charts and find a way to make a book or one of those mini-anchor chart stands to have up all year so students can reference a chart even if we have moved on.... there- I put it on my mental to-do list for next year). Because of this- I am so excited for this new linky hosted by Deb! I use all those cute charts (and those that just get to the nitty gritty of the topic) and rework them to work for my students, because let's face it; I'm still a newbie and I'm shocked at all the aha's I get when I look at how someone else thought through a process.

Ok, so now for my chart. It was hard for me to pick one. I post them on my blog all on one page and update it frequently. With that said, I don't really have any "new" ones I haven't blogged about yet. So I'm picking one that has more of a social focus because we literally see it and use it nearly every day.

Our Bully Circle Chart:

 I really love our Olweus Bully Prevention Program and how it really teaches to the bystander. We worked a lot with this structure this year. We did "Y" charts on how each role might "look like" "sound like" "feel like" so that when they are caught in a bullying situation or see it happening, they can identify their role and do something about it. I had the pictures already drawn in and this chart was created as an ending activity to see if they could correctly name each role. 

It now hangs above our door so whenever students leave the classroom, they know that even if they aren't the "bully" or a "victim," they play a role in bullying if they hear or see something and they are expected to do SOMETHING about it. (We've had other discussions on how to safely defend which ranges from just getting the victim out of the bully's line of fire or reporting to adults if you don't feel safe telling the bully to stop). I also love having this up in our room because when a bullying situation does happen, I ask those involved (one by one) to identify the role they played and what actions they need to do to move towards the defender role. It's a great reference tool and allows them to see how "close" they were to the bullying.

Now that I know about this awesome linky, I'll keep some of our newer charts a "secret" until I can reveal the here! For this week, I had to go with a throwback!

Ok. Now. You have a TON to go look at between Monday Made It and Anchors Away. I know I'll be spending my Monday evening bloggy browsing! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I love your water jugs! How fun... your students will be thrilled!

    Thank you for linking up with me today, also! I absolutely LOVE this anchor chart! I especially love how it is meant to empower students on a daily basis, because they come to realize that everyone in the situation plays a role, and it's up to them to decide what they want that role to be!

    Also, a number of the anchor charts from your blog are now on my Pinterest board! :)

  2. The water jugs are adorable! What a fun end of year gift!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  3. I love your bully circle chart. I'm going to show it to my students tomorrow since we can use a little refresher. I have spent much of my evening scrolling through your blog and looking at all your lovely anchor charts. I am extremely impressed and can't wait to now follow your blog!

    Elementary School Garden


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