Five for Saturday Night (Nice Ring to It, Eh?)

(1) My Best Friend's Wedding!

I celebrated the marriage of my dear friend Whitney this past weekend! This is our 2nd wedding of 2014. We have 8. Yes, that is right; we have 8 weddings to attend. I'm in 2, my husband is in 2 others, plus 4 others (Nice math skills, huh). Luckily, we literally have 1 a month starting in March and going through November (the only month we don't have one is in July and we are going to Italy then for our honeymoon). This is the only shot we got together really due to all the hecticness (on my camera at least). And her new hubby took it. Let's just say I had to work some wonders for it to turn out like this (bless Trent's heart). Still not the best, but it'll do until we get the professional pictures. I was so honored that I got to be a part of her big day!

(2) Rain. and More rain.

After the wedding, it literally rained for the next 4 days straight. It wouldn't stop. The grass is really green now though! I snapped this before I left my parents house to head back up to the cities after the wedding. 

(3) Fraction Facts
I didn't feel prepared at all for the week after my long weekend celebrating. We finished MCAs and so now we are going back into our curriculum to finish units we skipped due to testing. We started learning about fractions a bit before the test, but then our curriculum has us do really crazy things that are not 3rd grade standards. I luckily saved two of our charts from before and brought them out, but man- they seemed to forget all the major ideas related to fractions. I had these amazing task cards and used them as a whole group lesson. 

(I snagged this as a flash freebie, but it would totally be worth the cost in Christy's store. So good! Click on the picture to head to her store.)

I pulled certain task cards that had similar concepts. We then studied the mistakes, fixed them, and came up with (they came up with the wording) some "fraction facts" to remember throughout the rest of our study. It was a great review before we jumped back into more abstract concepts from our curriculum!

 (4) Poetry Slam
We finally wrapped up our poetry unit. It was so choppy due to testing! Each student published 5 poems and added illustrations (if they wanted). I then had each student pick their favorite poem to share. They came up to the document camera and placed their poem under it so we could also notice how they used line breaks and structures, read it out loud and then listened to our "snaps" instead of claps. I had the audience then write down one note about each poet's poem looking for the things we learned about to help hold them accountable. We then spent the remainder of the time walking around and looking at all the other poems our classmates wrote.

 They loved looking at the illustrations that went with the poems.

You can kinda see the note taking sheet they had to fill out during the poetry slam. I just had each students' name on it with a line for them to jot a note. I had them keep it in their folder that I'm going to grade to see if they noticed a variety of poetry elements. 

(5) Popcorn Party!
To celebrate the ending of our big tests, we had a popcorn and movie party. We even pulled out the real popcorn machine (my teammate's idea). It was all going great until.... a fire drill happened. The drill was supposed to be earlier in the week. But it rained. And rained. And rained. And they didn't tell us they were going to make it up at 3:00 when our popcorn party was just getting going. Oh well- the kids did great and we got back within 5 minutes to continue on the fun!

Thanks Doodlebugs for hosting!



  1. Eight weddings?!? Wow! I love your colorful fraction charts! What a good idea to have students take notes when their classmates share their poetry!

  2. I know how you feel with the weddings! Last year we had 9... now it's all 'baby talk'.!!! :) You looked beautiful! I love your fraction facts!!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard


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