Five for Friday: First week of Summa!

(1) Staff Boat Trip
At the end of the year, we try to do something fun as a staff. This year, we ended days with students on a Friday, but had to come back for our last staff day the following Monday. On Friday, we all went out for a little apps and fun at a local restaurant (I may or may not rode a mechanical bull...) but we also planned the annual staff boat trip on the lovely St. Croix River. It was in jeopardy of being cancelled due to lack of participation, but I am thankful for the crew that made it happen. I personally, really enjoy the time on the boat and the weather was perfect!

Here are a few shots from out night on the river!

I'm always making things difficult...

(2) Best Tuesday Night EVER!!!

I started Tuesday, my first day of summer, back at our District Center doing social studies curriculum planning. I've never felt so worthless... We departmentalize for Science, Art, Social Studies, and Health (we call it our SASH time). I teach Art and Health (next year I go back to just Health- yay!!). My teammate Mr. S. taught social studies and got myself and Kate (my other teammate) to go to this planning. I just didn't feel like I had a real great gasp on the tasks at hand. Not to mention, my focus was somewhere else...

For those of you who don't know what BSB stands for.... BACKSTREET BOYS! I grew up in the battling boy band generation with BSB, Nsync, 98 degrees, etc. I lived my teenage dream out on Tuesday by going to their concert. It was everything I dreamed of and more and to be honest, I feel like a giddy little girl about to sob over the idea of being in the same building as them. Not to mention, my love affair with Brian came gushing back (I feel bad for my husband.. it's all I've been able to talk about since Tuesday). 

Luckily, Nick didn't have to sit through the concert- my dear friend Whitney came with and we had a blast! I would love to do it again (and again, and again)

I thought I'd share one of the many videos from the night. Ahhhh it makes me so happy. :)

(3) Getting Serious

I really would love to be happy with my body and health, so now that summer is here, I feel like I have more time to really devote to making changes. I'm hoping if I start now, it'll be easier come fall again (let's hope this logic actually works).

I've started a meal plan for each week to minimize buying junk food and I started a 3 weeks No Cheats from Rachel at For Blogness Sake (yes I know, I'm late to the party) where I am cutting out all fast food and only allowing 3 nights out (for dinner and drinks because after all, it is summer vaca) and a minimum of 45 minutes of purposeful physical activity a day. My goal is to loose a couple pounds before our trip to Italy in 3 weeks!!
(meal planning page from Rowdy in Room 300)
(4) Closet Clean Out

One of my goals was to clean out my closet, get rid of things I haven't worn, and make way for new things for not only our trip to Italy, but also just to update my wardrobe for school. My hubby wanted in on it too, as we decided to move to a new apartment in August, and we thought it was a good time to clean out the clothes closets. Between the two of us, we are donating 7 garbage bags of clothes and another bag of shoes. It feels good to purge (and hopefully make way for some newer pieces).

Some clothes both my husband and I have held onto go back to late high school (8 years ago...). Others include items like this:

It was a jersey my husband had for the club basketball team at the U of M. Naturally I put it on and actually cleaned in it the whole time. I decided we should keep it for a little while longer. ;) 

Oh. and did I mention we listened to my BSB playlist the entire time? Yes, the hubby included. Told you I was obsessed. 

(5) Productive Friday

By 1 pm today, we had both cleaned out our closets listening to the Backstreet Boys, completed my (almost) 45 minutes of purposeful activity, and I finally put some wedding pictures in the frames we had gotten a year ago for our wedding. Oops. Better late than never. Today was our first "official" day of summer vaca together!

As you noticed, none of this was really school related (in terms of planning/creating/organizing with students in mind) and it feels good to take a mental break from it and enjoy the company of others. 

What is everyone else up to??


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  1. Okay the boat looks like SO much fun!!! We have one of those riverboats in the bay. I might need to suggest this for our next party. We always do the same exact thing every year.
    7 bags of clothes??? Now I feel guilty. I feel like I need to go clean out my closet! Lol! BSB would've been fun for sure!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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