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I hope you all are enjoying this thing we call summer. You know, that time of the year when you forget what day of the week it is (is it Wednesday or Thursday), have time to make meals, and yet you still find yourself plugging away for next year (at least that's what happens to me). I love summer, not because I don't have to 'work' because let's face it, I'm still working- just not directly with kids and administrators. But I love summer because it gives me a chance to reflect, recharge, and refocus. I thrive off of improving something that didn't work the best and planning for a new and exciting year.

Until Saturday however, I and many of you have been living a lie. It's not summer yet. Yes, school may be out, but technically on the calendar it's still spring. It ACTUALLY becomes summer officially on June 21st. And for that, I wanted to celebrate! So I'm throwing a lil' sale!

Stop by my store on Saturday to enjoy 20% off all my products. Hopefully you'll find a lil' ray of sunshine in my shop that might help you out next year!

On a separate note...

The last couple of resources I've made haven't been academic based, but rather social based. I truly believe the idea that if kids don't feel safe at school, they will not learn. I also am a firm believer in high expectations and giving kids the tools (not the answers) to solving their problems both in and out of the school setting.  That's why I think think the first couple of weeks are so important in cultivating a supportive classroom. As I begin to think of my new group of kiddos next year, I thought, "Hey, why not make this a talking point on the old blog?" I've got a lot of expectations to teach into as well as build a positive learning environment. I've got some tried and true tips, resources, and strategies, but I'm always looking for new ideas too. So I came up with the series...

What does it all entail? 
I've planned out 9 topics for the next 9 Tuesdays that all tie into taming the crazy in our classrooms. Some of them are from my RC background, some are from CLR training this past year (cultural and linguistic responsive teaching), some are from our Olweus and Welcoming Schools work from last year. I'll be sharing what has worked for me in each of these areas (as well as what hasn't), sharing resources and activities for you to test out, and I'm hoping to make it into a link-up so that YOU can share your amazing tips, resources and strategies as well! (Of course the fear that no one will link up looms over me, but hey- it's worth a shot right??)

Here's the schedule:
I'm excited to do this to help myself prepare for the new school year and hopefully get some new ideas from you all. Some will feature posts that I've already shared, with some additional resources added... others are topics I haven't shared yet. A couple of these Tuesdays, I'll be in Italy (Awful, huh?) but I plan on writing them ahead of schedule to keep the rhythm going!

So, next Tuesday will be the kick of to this lil' summa' series and I hope you stop by and link up (I still have to figure out how to do that part... I've got til Tuesday :) hehe).

Last but not least, I'm stoked:

You see waaaaaaaaaay at the bottom... well into September?? I'm getting a new blog design! I'm keeping my colors, but I'll be changing the blog name slightly. Back when I started this blog, I thought it was only going to be for a year, and mainly for myself to document my first year of teaching. I barely had time to blog during that first year, but I loved reading other teaching blogs. I decided to keep it going another year and have really loved the community and the drive it gives me as a teacher. However, due to my poor planning and lack of vision for what this blog could be for me, I wasn't the most creative with my name. I don't want to change it completely and loose everything, but I've got an idea and just hope no one else takes it before my time in September. :)

Ok. That's enough for now. Go and enjoy your "almost" summer. :)



  1. I've been in such a blogging summer funk lately! Maybe this will help get my blogging booty in gear! Looking forward to linking up and reading others' ideas!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

    1. I feel ya, Rachel! Now that I have time to blog, and a big ole list of ideas, I can't get into a flow! I would be over the moon if you came back next week and linked up with your ideas! I'll be posing a question about Tuesday's topic on Monday for those who want to get a head start, but you can link up anytime after Tuesday as well! :) Looking forward to your post!

  2. You and I are thinking alike! I'm having a "Summer Sale" on Saturday in honor of the first official day of summer, too! AND, I'm really thinking about getting a new blog design, too!

    1. I saw you and a few others were doing it, so I thought WHY NOT!? I already have been shopping for next year so I thought others might be too... I just got my blog homework from Megan at A Bird In Hand Designs and I'm so excited to go for it! You're blog is so cute already, but it is fun to get "new things" too ;)


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