Monday Made It: Summer Slow Down!

I'm back from my Italian getaway vacation and it's hitting me that my summer is dwindling down already! My principal contacted me about an opening for more RC training in August so now I lost 4 more days of sun and relaxing (although I'm really excited for the training) before the new year begins. When I got home, I started getting my butt into gear. I needed to get things ready to bring to school this week to start the set up. If I didn't have Tara's weekly linky, I wouldn't be nearly as productive.

These are all classroom made its in my color scheme!

Everyone is making cute monograms and I just didn't think I could make one with the boring letter "O." Then I found this white "O" at Michaels for like $1.50. I also found some buttons and banners on sale at Michaels, used one of my flair tip pens and done! I have a few options of where I'll put this in my room. I might continue to add more doodles... we'll see.
I've changed my objective display every year so far (ok... this is only the 3rd year, but still). The past two years, I would write them out. They took up a lot of space, so I decided to go to printed versions. Both my teammates did it this year so I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I saw one way to display them from a previous Monday Made It from the great blog Learning in Wonderland that inspired me to create my own to fit my color scheme. I might use the plastic sleeves, but to be honest, I think the extra seconds it would take to finagle them in would cause me to avoid posting, so I may just use magnets to post them. Finagling is not my friend when I'm running around in the a.m. trying to get ready for the day.

I love her idea of using scrap book paper as a background. This will add the pop of color (plus my labels) that I'm searching for. She has adorable heading/labels, which I would have gotten if they were in my color scheme (I'm a little obsessive at times with my scheme...#teacherproblems). If you are looking for bright, multi-color headings- I would definitely check them out!

I'm looking for ways to bring my colors more into my room and thought a calendar is a great way for a few different reasons. I can use it to post reminders, birthdays (which I am awful at), and special events. It can also serve as a reminder for the date for students book logs and writing.  However, I don't want to loose valuable space for one. So I created this version instead and can't wait to put it up on my whiteboard!

It'll only showcase a week at a time, which is really all I would need anyways. When I put it up on my board, I'll use washi tape probably to create little boxes for the days and reminders. All I need to do is change out the dates at the beginning of each week and place any special events underneath. These will all be on magnets and laminated so that they are easy to use and will be durable.

How will students know which day is the current day of the week? The Month Marker is helpful in a few different ways. It has the abbreviated month name as well as the number so that when students are writing the date, they remember what month number to use.

But it also serves another purpose
The Month Marker also moves each day to show which day it is. So all I need to do each morning is move the Month Marker so that they can easily see what day of the month it is. I also made a few other tags to mark special events:

  • Assemblies
  • Guest Teacher (subs)- if I know in advance
  • No School Days
  • Birthdays
  • Concerts
  • Field Trips
  • Library Day

  • I'm awful at remember student birthdays. I have pre-made "gifts," but I still forget. I hope this will help doing it at the beginning of the week so that I don't forget.
    For the birthday tags, I left a blank space. I'm laminating all of these so that I can also write on them. I'll write the kiddos name on it when it is their birthday and then simply erase it so it is ready to go for the next one!

    Trait work is so hard for my kiddos. When I came across a blog post from Joanne from Head Over Heals For Teaching on her trait posters, I knew I wanted something similar. Again, I had to make one in my color scheme, plus I wanted control on the types of traits so that they would be age appropriate. The premise is the same as Joanne's- we'll post examples of characters on post it notes in the boxes below that show that character trait, but I also added 3 synonyms for each trait word too- ranging in complexity. The main word is the word I would hope students would use/understand. I've added "more tired" words on the left side and more complicated words in the middle and the right side on the bottom. That way, I can differentiate for students in their written responses and explanations. 
    The color is a little wonky in this picture- the yellow is brighter and less mustardy. 
    I'm having printer issues (what's new) so I only managed to print 2 of my 20 posters. Let's hope it gets resolved sooner rather than later, huh. I'm not going to post these in my store since it was so strongly influenced by Joanne's work. Feel free to check out her awesome resource here.

    Last one, was a pretty lazy made it. I found this banner at Target (they come in like 8 different colors and were $4.00 I think...). I then got my sharpie out and started to write out the word Welcome to hang by our door. Nothing too fancy, but the banner is pretty durable!

    There ya have it! Lots of teal and yellow- back to my roots. :)



    1. I am so gonna steal so many of your ideas! I love the O and the welcome banner. I already made myself a note to do Objective things out of scrapbook paper! Thanks Kelli! I love visiting you!
      Teachers Are Terrific!

    2. I love how everything coordinates with your classroom color scheme! I need to make a cute K for my classroom now that I have a new last name.
      The Traveling Teacher

    3. Obsessed with your calendar! It's perfect for my middle school room! Any chance you will put it up for sale?

      1. Give me a day or two and I'll add it to my store :) Thanks for your kindness :)

    4. You are speaking my language - I made the objective headers to meet my colour requirements too! Love your colour scheme and calendar. I saw those banners and stared at them wondering what to do with them - thanks for the cute idea!!

      1. I'm glad I'm not alone! I tried to deviate a little this year from my colors, but now that school is coming up I revert back to it hehe. Thank you for your sweet comments!

    5. That "O"...I am in LOVE!!! How very creative, Kelli! I had to pin that. Mine isn't going to look as good as yours, but I might try!!! That Target banner is right up my alley!!! Going to have to go hunt one of those down!!
      Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    6. Loving your class colors!! All your made it's are super cute! I saw Learning in Wonderland's post about her objectives and want to do that too!

      A Tall Drink of Water


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