Monday Lazy Made-It

After my crazy week last week, I got back into my classroom to get to work. My room is slowly coming together thanks to all the amazing teachers out there in cyber space. I have to say this...I call this the lazy Monday made it, because I literally just did a lot of printing, laminating, cutting, and posting.

First up, my bulletin boards. I just bought Nikki's Thinker Melonheadz bundle and love them! I mixed them with her original kidlettes, fit one kiddo on a page of photo paper, printed them, cut them, laminate them and added them to the top of our classroom community board. We post our classroom rules here as well as classroom community projects we may do. They add lots of color to this awkward space. I'm thankful that our HP printer is in working order because otherwise I'd be broke due to ink, but believe it or not, EVERYTHING I've printed this summer was done on less than 2 ink cartridges thanks to the HP Instant Ink service. When it works- it's an AMAZING deal.

I also put some above our door. I'm thinking of a quote I want to post on the frame. I have to admit- I'm leaning towards a line from a Backstreet Boys song... don't judge me- yet.

I also started a mini- bulletin board thanks to Blair Turner over at One Lesson at a Time. This resource really excites me. I'm trying to plan out time to make it happen during our day. I'm thinking of using some of our Morning Meeting time for it (like the share and activity part to go with the character of the month). It wouldn't be every day, but it could be a great way to help show students the different positive character traits we can possess and how it impacts our classroom community. 

I also reworked this space in my room this year. I rearranged my "Be You" from 2 years ago and sectioned this part of my file cabinet off to display our steps to resolving conflict. I also have a "THINK" poster and my assertive cards here. Our peace rug will be over here this year as well as a 1-stop shop for students to work together.

I also saved a big chunk to display the new math vocab cards I'm making. I'm really excited about them and hope they will help my students this year (especially my EL students).

Last, but not least, I needed a solution for my book bags. I love these bags- they work great for book bags. There's a pocket that fits post-its perfectly. They hang on the back of students' chairs perfectly. None of them have broken in the last 2 years. And they were each less than $1 at Ikea so they were cheap. But I had an issue with keeping the numbered tags on. I usually take a piece of card stock with a number on it and attach it with a metal binder ring to the handles of the bag so that students can keep track of who's book bag is who's. The numbers would always tear off and get mangled. So as I was working in my room today, I remembered this permanent chalk marker that I used once for a project. I brought the 2 color bags home and tested it out. BOOYA! It works like a charm. And it's simple. I'll put the number on the corner of one side and on a handle on the other side. Hopefully this will solve my problem. :)

Told ya they were lazy. Let's just hope they all stay put on the walls in my humid classroom.

I think I have an addiction to anything adhesive... These are all the tools I used TODAY at school to get things to stick.



  1. I TOTALLY LOVE your Melonheadz border! I was just at school trying to decide what to post over my door and SMARTboard. I think you have inspired my next project. I will make sure to link back to this post and give you full credit for this idea when I do my classroom reveal. Thanks!

  2. Love how your classroom is coming together!! And what a great idea for labeling your book bags! :-)

    The Craft of Teaching

  3. I love your classroom! How inviting! It looks like you utilize every inch of wall space as learning tools!


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