Monday Made It: Hall Passes and SALE

This is one of the craziest weekends that spill into a busy week.
1)My best friend got married and festivities began on Thursday evening with nails and dinner. Then we helped decorate on Friday, had the rehearsal and dinner and all the bridesmaids crashed at the hotel to spend the last night our little single lady had before becoming a Mrs. I "slept" on the floor...

2) Oh, and on Friday, we also got the keys to our new apartment! Finally a dishwasher and a second bedroom. Unfortunately, we won't be able to get into it until later this week. But first- back to the wedding weekend!

3)We had an amazing time celebrating the happy couple on Saturday- lots of dancing and laughs. My feet and belly hurt.

4)Then we slowly started to bring a few boxes and pieces of furniture over to the new place on Sunday. We have until the 15th to be out of our current apartment so luckily, we don't need to move fast. But, to make it intersting, not only does my car's AC not work- but now the AC in the truck doesn't work. It makes for a sweating exchange between places. However, it did finally convince my husband that it's time to get a new car. So we are adding car shopping to our plan this week. I'm only a little busy with...

5) I start a 4 day RC training that goes from 8:00- 3:30 or 4:00 for the next 4 days which means- no crafting, no pool days, and I'm living in between two places. Hopefully we'll be settled by next weekend and maybe with a new car!

So I made my Monday Made It on Wednesday of last week so that it would be done in time! And it's one of my favorite projects yet!

I saw the Enchanted in Elementary's blog post for last Monday Made It for a hall pass storage space and I loved it! (click the link to be taken to her post and adorable pass system) So I made my own to fit my room! Here's the process and supplies!

-4 acrylic paints: I used Martha Stuart Brand in Ocean Glass, Granny Smith, Chamomile, and Pearl
-4 sponge brushes
-bee stickers
-Mod Podge (I left all mine at school)
-4-pack of rectangle wooden plaques
-wooden shadow box (on clearance)
-letter stickers
-hot glue gun and glue (I don't know why I JUST got one...)
-not pictured: command strips to hang passes

 I got everything at Michaels.

 I loved this project because when I was waiting for something to dry, I could work on another part. I simply painted the inside of the shadow box with the blue. I ended up doing 2 coats and that was enough for my liking. 
 While the first coat inside was drying, I started the frame. I just alternated colors and used the width of the brush to "try" to maintain even stripes.
 I let the shadow box dry while I started work on the passes. Don't look too closely- it is far from perfect!
 I painted the passes with the blue again. I used the paper scrap from inside the shadow box as a work station and it worked well because it was slightly heavier.
 I then used the same foam brushes and painted on some grass. I then used the letters that were stickers to spell out the passes I needed. We have a bathroom in our classroom so we don't need passes for that. I got to this point and didn't know what else I wanted to do. I I used the last pass as a "tester." I would test things out on it before I decided to go for it on the real ones.
I found out that putting mod podge over flair pens would make it smear. Glad I tested that. So I used a Sharpie and it worked better. I also tested sealing the whole things with mod podge to see how the letters and sticker would hold up and it was all good to go!
 But I took a little break half way to eat of course and for everything to dry.
 I used the white pearly paint to make clouds on both the back of the shadow box and on the passes. I then stuck the stickers on and used the Sharpie to add little dashes to the cloud and a flying path.
 Next, I added the letters to the shadow box frame. Again, these are stickers. I didn't seal these- we'll see how long they stick. 
And it's practically done! I still have to:
-attach the ribbon to the back of each pass with hot glue
-attach command strips to the inside to hang the passes on

I plan on also using command strips and ribbon to attach the shadow box to the wall. I love that technique and will share it with ya once it gets hung! 

I have a feeling it'll take me a while to catch up on everyone else's Made Its, but I can't wait to do so!



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  1. That is so creative and CUTE! In fact, I think it might be so cute, your kids are gonna make excuses to go to the office and get drinks just so they can use those adorable hall passes. ; )
    I can't believe you were able to work on that with all that you've got going on. You're superwoman!!
    You've got a busy week ahead....good luck with all of that!

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  2. What a creative idea! Your project turned out so great! Thanks for sharing, I love it! Have a great week!
    Kayla in the Classroom


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