Where I Teach: Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week 2014

Well.. it's about 98.4% done. I kept a lot the same from previous years (my color scheme of teal and yellow), but each year I come up with new ideas to make the best use of our space and organization. Here's Where I Teach.

We'll start at the door. The door just needs my little 3rd graders' names in each honeycomb to be considered a done deal!

I have a whiteboard on one side and cupboards on the other. I found an amazing book that I want to kick off the year with that is called How We Are Smart. More on that later.

My "Control Center" still needs a little work. This is where our classroom job pockets are, the attendance/lunch numbers, the lunch menu for the month goes in that plastic sleeve, and a new addition to our board, a Compliment Jar. No fun rewards for this one... just simply a place to track all the compliments we receive from others. I also have our hall passes and our mini-dust pan (which goes with one of our jobs.

Here is a closer view of the How We Are Smart Board. I was inspired by this book:
Why do I love it? Not only does it showcase people from history with different skill sets, it also is multi-cultural. A lot of people featured aren't super well-known, but that is why I like it. I always love to find important people that reflect the cultures of those of my students. I like how this book is laid out because it has a quote from each person, a short poem, and then a quick bio. The vocab is quite advanced for 3rd grade, but I think it'll be a great book to use for read aloud and through my think alouds, I think it'll be worth while. I created these posters and students will get to mark which 'smart' they resonate with most as a reminder that everyone is smart in some capacity.

Moving beyond the door is that ugly folded/moveable wall that I covered with sheets and curtains this year. This is our writing/word work area and in the corner, our classroom library.

These magazine holders hold various papers we need throughout the week. 
 The labels include extra homework, extra handouts, Friday folders, scrap paper, and return to office. This helps me stay organized but it also is a one stop shop for students when they are in need of some paper they lost, misplaced, whatever the excuse ;).

I snagged this 8 12 x 12 in drawer system half off from Michael's earlier this summer. I'm ready to implement Words their Way fully on my own this year. Previously, each teacher in our grade would take a group (we'd look at all 3rd graders and put them into 4 spelling groups and they would rotate), but this year, I'll have all my own students and will be in charge of implementing it all. I'm actually really excited for it and think this cart will keep me organized. My mini-chart stand is on top.

Next is one of my favorite spots. I took my book cart and turned it into a multi-purpose place. 

First is my "Author Ah-Ha." Did you notice the typo... ya.. I didn't until I took the picture. *Face Palm.* It's supposed to say Ah-Ha... like "Eureka! I get it!" That'll be fixed before the kiddos come. Anywho, this is my version of an author's study. We'll focus on techniques author's use in their writing to help with our own writing. Anchor charts will be posted here on the front of this cart.

Then, on this shelf, I'll have mentor texts from our featured author that we've read and for students to reference during their own writing.

The other shelves house books that we use during particular units... especially books that I have to pull from other libraries. I don't want those books getting mixed in with our classroom library books so this allows me a spot to place them during those units of study.

My library hasn't changed much besides a few more bins of books and some sit-spots (aka dollar store place mats). 

Here's the view of sides and front of the room. These cupboards will soon be filled with trait work, parts of speech, and student work. The file folders on the bottom are my homework pockets.
 This is the front of my room: complete with my messy, smeary whiteboard area. The cleaning crew this summer must of washed the whiteboards with something funky because it just smears anytime now that I write and wipe on it. Boo. Oh well.

Here's my "desk" space. I don't have a teacher's desk. I just use 3 trapezoid tables as a work space that I can also share with students and a table for my computer. 
Here's where I'll post my objectives, as well as my partner sticks, chime, and my trusty pen and eraser caddy.
 Here's a couple views from my table space in the corner of the room.

Last wall space includes my math vocab board (that got cut out of this photo) and my "chill down" area. This includes my conflict resolution posters, assertive reminders, peace rug and of course... birthday balloon straws. Ok, that part isn't really a "chill down" thing, but it's just where this needs to go.

So that's my room! I feel pretty ready with it so that next week, I can just focus on all our trainings and meetings and PDs and planning and Open House and...



  1. I love it! The colors are great- well organized and the personal touches (like the Be You sign) make it comfy for the chiddlers. And now I am going shopping for a xylophone to use for getting attention! Genius!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. Love your color scheme! It looks great!

    Paiges of Learning

  3. I love the teal and yellow! It looks so bright and cheerful!! Everything looks great!

  4. Hey neighbor. I just drove to MN from WI to drop off my daughter in Mankato. What a fun and colorful room! I love the color scheme and the door is amazing! It is great to blog hop and look at what everyone is doing to get ready for the new school year.

    Renee from The Science School Yard

  5. Your classroom is AH-MAZ-ING!! I love everything about it- especially the "Be You" board and the book display shelves in your classroom library!

  6. Your classroom is so wonderfully organized! I love that it's colorful without being too busy. What a great space for students to learn in!
    One Lucky Teacher

  7. I love how bright and cheery your room is. Have a great year! :)
    Happy Teaching,
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
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