Anchors Away: Kicking Off Reader's Workshop

I've been absent all summer from Deb's awesome anchor chart linky. Now that school is back in session, I am hopeful that I'll be able to participate more. I'm sharing a few charts that we've created over the last 2 weeks to launch our Reader's Workshop and begin to rebuild our reading lives.

On day one of our RW lessons, we talked about stamina as all we did that day was sit and read. A lot of my students did not read on a daily basis over summer, so we just focused on dedicating time to reading. I snagged the idea of this chart from {here} but the kiddos came up with responses (hence my messy handwriting as I scribed).

Here's where we are at with our stamina. We had a major drop on Friday because we had other events that cut into our reading time that day, but we are slowly get towards our 40 minute goal.

We graph it on our SMARTboard at the end of each RW day.
We then thought about times when reading was THE BEST and when reading was the pits. We charted out what makes reading THE BEST it can be and we've already started working towards many of these with other lessons.

We then discussed what our reading time was going to look like and we focused a good chunk of what independent reading time would look like, sound like and feel like. I had to refer to this chart quite a bit for a few friends, but for the most part, they're getting it.

We also had the important talk about just right books and we made this chart. I modeled reading a book that was too hard and had them share what they heard and saw. We then recorded that. I repeated it with a book that was just right. We then spent a large part of our independent reading time testing out our current books and making the decision if the books we had were just right or not. I hate squashing some of their dreams when they have to put the book they started working on back in the bin because it is too hard, so we phrase it as a "goal" book, meaning, it is a book we are going to work towards and try again later in the year to see how far we've come. This usually makes it a little less painful.

So there we are- off and running. Oh and I have told you that I absolutely LOVE my class??? They are the sweetest bunch yet, full of personality and oh so willing to comply with any of my demands requests. They really make my heart happy and I can tell it's going to be a great year.


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  1. Wow! You have been super-busy! I absolutely LOVE your anchor charts and all of the visuals you always use... I have pinned all of them on some collaborative boards. Your third graders are doing great with their reading stamina for so early in the year. What a great idea to call those books that are too hard as "goal books"!


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