Five for Friday on a Saturday

Last weekend, I had a bachelorette party. It was no ordinary bachelorette. She requested we dress up like old ladies for a vineyard/winery tour. It was so fun to see and hang out with some old high school friends. We found it crazy to think that our 10 year reunion will be here in 2 years... yikes!! Hopefully we'll still all look this good ;)

Back in the classroom...
Have I told you that I'm IN LOVE with my class?? They seriously are the best. So eager, so caring, so fun... it'll be a good year (I hope I'm not jinxing myself) Here, we learned a new math game that works for basic facts. We are starting with addition and subtraction and will use it again when we do multiplication and division. We've learned 4 card games and 1 dice game so far and they are loving them! They don't even realize they are doing math.

We've also started our first writing unit: personal narratives. This group is fearless! They LOVE writing! Many say it's their favorite part of the day. My little teacher heart even melted when one student said they use to hate writing, but they love doing it now. They are so proud of what they've done so far and I already have seen AMAZING growth from their first on-demand writing sample. Here, they were writing a goal for themselves for this unit. We've studied other 3rd grade exemplars and have read Owl Moon and charted what we noticed to help them set a goal for their own personal narratives this time around. We taped them into our binder as a reminder!

We also started health. I am loving the new features HealthTeacher has added (that is our curriculum- it's all online resources- really, it's pretty awesome). This first unit we are doing is personal care. Here, they were practicing flossing. I gave them a piece of yarn and their partner's hand became the teeth. It worked great for them to practice the motions and how to move the floss down one side of the tooth and up another. And no one tried to use the yarn in their mouth. Win!

In my class, each student has a job. For these first 4 weeks, they had the same job so that they got really good at it. Now, they are applying for their job for this first trimester. They walked around and interviewed the current person in the position they wanted to get some tips on doing the job well. 
 Then, they had to rank their top 3 choices and give me a detailed explanation as to why I should hire them for that job. This friend had quite a lot to say... he had to use the back. We had to make sure we practice our class mantra- "You get what you get, and you appreciate it." I told them they might not get any of their top choices this time, but that we'll do this again for 2nd trimester. 

With my students, it's been a great week. But it's also been a very stressful week. 3 of my preps were taken from me this week for meetings, I was at school from 7 am to 7 pm 3 nights this week for more meetings, family nights, and committees, plus we've been trying to get ready for our intervention block that is starting next week. On top of that, my news of my grandpa's cancer returning and the fact that he doesn't have a whole lot of time left with us has been weighing on my heart a lot. I'm very grateful for this weekend with no major plans so I can just rest. I'm also grateful that I have kiddos this year who are so sweet and make a lot of these harder times worth it. They keep me going.



  1. I love the idea of interviewing for the next job! Mine are about to switch jobs and this is very cute.

    I'm so surprised that you have to teach health! We just do a week or so of healthy living each year, but it isn't part of our daily/weekly teaching. I love how positive you are about it and how much the kids are obviously enjoying it!

    Have a great weekend!

    - Abbey from Tremendous First Grade Tales

  2. I LOVE having my 3rd graders apply for jobs! It teaches them persuasive writing. It's fun reading their applications too =P

    A LoveLi Class


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