Five fo' Friday!!

I'm finally home, enjoying a glass of overdue wine and thanking the Lord I made it through this long week. Before I even begin to think of the crazy that will come with next week, I'm sitting down to share 5 things from this past week with Doodlebugs!!

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Have you heard of this new social media option? I was browsing through my blog lovin' feed when I saw Blair's post and it intrigued me. I've been contemplating starting a facebook page for this blog and then this popped up. I'm going to give it a try- although it's a little lonely only having one follower (thanks Blair). See her post to learn more about it! It is invite only (makes it seem exclusive huh?) so you can use my invitation code below. I'm hoping to play around with it this weekend!

Want to try tsu (pronounced "sue")? Grab my invite code:

I had my first observation of my ever-important-tenure year a week and half ago and had my post-observation meeting this past week. I am in a unique position as each year now, I've had a different principal. Our current principal went into early labor with her twins so her interim had to step in. Needless to say, I'm lucky to have both of these women that I get to work with (both my current and interim principal) as they really do seem to care and recognize me for what I do. And for that I'm thankful. Plus the fact that my first observation went really well. Two more to go baby!

This little chart has been so helpful! We started it for our writing unit and it really helped with students when writing their own complete stories. And now, it's useful for our reading unit. And the sad thing- I didn't even plan that to happen! I'll be sharing more about it later this weekend with a freebie too! Check it out later!


This was an impromptu graph. We were reflecting on our book logs and one thing we looked at was how many books we finished. As kids counted them up, I laid down a piece of duct tape and labeled numbers 0-13+ on the tape. Then students wrote the # of books they finished on a post-it and placed the number on their post-it on the same number on our tape. It was a nice quick lesson on graphing! Then, it was super easy for us to add how many total books we read this past unit... a whopping 200 books! I've got a group that loves to read.

This has been a very difficult week. Really, it's been a difficult year. Which is weird, because my students this year are really great- they are enthusiastic, they try hard, they apply what they learn, they take risks, they follow directions... but even with that, it's been a lot of long hours and it's been very draining. I had to make myself a little motivation wall for my classroom to remind myself that I am capable and to remember what is important. I don't know who said all of these phrases, but I complied them into this poster for my room.

I'm off to play around with this Tsu website now!


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  1. Hi Kelli - I may have told you before but I love your blog colors...they are similar to mine but I added more. I like your subtle look! I had a very well deserved glass of wine too after my week. Hugs, xoxox
    Teaching and Much Moore


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