From Review to Resource: Student Created Handouts

We've just about wrapped up our 2nd unit of the year: Following our Characters through Series Books. There were ups and downs, as my team once again tried to find the best way to teach this unit. It didn't all go over the best, but there were some great successes in this unit that I hope to replicate next year while we once again keep our wheels turning on how to teach this unit.

I gave my students two major assessments on Thursday and Friday and to help support them, we did this review activity inspired by one of my teammates. I'm a huge advocate for graphic organizers (especially this unit- they saved me and gave me SUCH good information on my students), so I knew I wanted to whip up something to support my students in a review. My teammate simply had students just write ideas on a piece of paper as their "planning page" and then turned it into posters for the classroom. He then took photocopies of the planning pages and had students put them into their RW binders. I didn't have that time due to co-teaching reading. But I did like the idea of having something in their binders that they could reference all year long. So I created a g.o. of different things to consider about a given focus from this unit that each group would work on. That group would review that focus or skill and create a resource for the rest of the class to put in their binders. I modeled (very, very quickly) with "retell." Don't laugh at my absolutely awful symbol. (When I was doing it, I didn't think anyone else would see it besides my students.). The students helped me fill in the boxes while I did this under the document camera.

Then, each group was assigned one focus. They divided the work together and planned on post-its first. Then they transferred their ideas onto their graphic organizer. We did this whole thing (from model to final g.o.) in about 30 minutes. I wish I had given them more time, but we didn't have that. Anyways- here are their resources that are now in everyone's binder for reference:

Do they have perfect spelling? Not quite. Best wording? Nope. But it was very insightful on what they remembered about these concepts and what they didn't. We'll revisit these throughout other units and create new ones throughout the year o keep in our binders as a growing reference!


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  1. What a powerful activity! I liked how students knew they were creating a resource that their classmates would have all year long!


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