Sunday Scoop: I'm Already Pooped!

I am so envious of all the bloggers out there who teach full time, have children and families of their own, blog on a regular basis, and create things often for TpT.


Looking back at my blogging history, September thru December are pretty dead around here. I just can't find the time. And I only have a husband to look after (or more like he looks after me... except now basketball started so he's coaching and I have to "cook" dinner myself- boo).

So, it's nothing too earth-shattering, but here's my Sunday Scoop and perhaps it will explain why I can barely function as it is, let alone blog about it.


  • If I could get rid of homework, I would. Our school day is so intense and kids don't get home until after 4:00 pm (for some of them, they don't get home until 5:00 3 days a week now that we have Targeted Services- more on that later). They read for at least 20 minutes and fill out their book log (which seems to be going fine) but then they also have a math page most nights too. And they are pretty good about doing it and turning it in. I'm not so good at checking it in though and have a huge pile that needs correcting. I need to do it before report cards. But I just wonder how valuable it is (for both my students and myself).
  • Targeted Services is an after school program where we invite students who need extra support in certain skills. One of my teammates and I are sharing the load and only teaching one day a week. But I want that time to be purposeful and helpful. I teach on Tuesdays and all we are working on is addition and subtraction (word problems, multi-digit, money, etc). We only have like 50 minutes, but it takes up a lot of my time to prepare for it still. 
  • I'm helping out this committee and have to prepare resources for the members before the end of November. I've been putting it off since the beginning of November. I've got to get going.


  • I've been making stuff and testing it out in my room. I just haven't had the time to make it "TpT" ready. Maybe soon. (But not likely)
  • Report cards are due soon. Next Wednesday, yes, the day before Thanksgiving, we have a PD day and half of it is for report cards. My goal is to have report cards done before then so that I can use that time to organize my room and finally sync all my files over to Google Drive. Our district is moving our current cloud system to Google Drive and we have to move it over before December 31st. Ugh. 


  • My sister in law is returning to MN after spending the last few months at a salmon hatchery in Alaska. We're having dinner with his parents and his sisters tomorrow night to welcome her home and hear her stories. On Friday, we are celebrating my Grandma's birthday. I'll be going down to spend some time with my family members, which will be nice since we haven't seen everyone since the summer up at the cabin.

Well, until next time (which who knows when that'll be).


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  1. I had to postpone homework grading due to grading exams, typing report cards and having to work 2 weekends in a row :/ It is reducing at a painfully slow rate, as everything that piles up takes so much longer!

    Family time is so precious, enjoy it :)
    Mme Gauthier's French Class


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