14 in 2014... it just keeps getting better

2012- I got engaged to my high school sweetheart
2013- We tied the knot
2014- So many awesome things happened and special news that will carry into 2015... I can't wait! But first, a look back at this incredible year

It hasn't been until recently when I think about major milestones and daily occurrences over the last few years and my attitude about them. When I think about how amazing some of those have been, I can't help but imagine all the milestones yet to come, and it makes me excited to live in the present, but look forward to the future. 

Scarves- any kind of scarves... infinity, fashion, knitted- you name it, I wear it. I feel like it can add so much to an outfit and can be used with some many other options... definitely my go-to accessory.

I really don't have a favorite movie. Me and movies- don't really mesh. I typically get bored too fast so I basically just like to watch chick flicks from the 2000s where I can recite it word-for-word. But, if it has to be during this year, I'd say Mockingjay- it was better than I expected.

Don't hate me... but I'm a little obsessed with anything reality. It's not a secret amongst my friends and family and I no longer try to deny it. But I thoroughly enjoyed Are You The One? on MTV. Great mix of drama and love and silliness. My other go-to-watch-every-night is Law and Order: SVU- Oliva is my TV role model.

Ooooo A favorite I discovered this year was Pizzaria Lola on Xerxes in Minneapolis/Richfield area. The atmosphere, the adorable mis-matched plates and of course the food is all top-notch. SO! Good! Especially the chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with salt and a shot of milk. All day.

It has to be food! I finally feel like I'm creeping a bit out of my picky shell and trying some new foods and loving them! Don't get me wrong- I'm still picky and judge foods based on how they look, but I'm slowly getting better. Some of my new discoveries...

I love goat cheese now, especially this garlic and herb version from La Bonne Vie. And who knew!? Guacamole is actually very delicious, especially when it's on my burrito bowl from Chipotle. This homemade version was delicious too. Check out Natasha's Kitchen's version!

I got THE BEST gift on Christmas Eve this year.
My sister and brother-in-law are expecting IDENTICAL twins! I'm going to be an aunt for the first time ever! Now I'm just sending oodles and oodles of prayers to keep them all safe while still trying to contain my crazy excitement over this news! Let's just say I screamed and cried for a very long time (all due to happiness of course).

I pinned quite often- typically if I was bored. So I found a lot of things I liked... it just depends on the topic. Here are a few:
It was this lesson that really helped shift both mine and my students thoughts on inferring and metacognition (and inspired me to replicate it to fit my classroom needs here). It also launched this "I need to do what's best for my students" drive within to make more adjustments, include more hands-on activities, and praise the crap out of my students to motivate them and help them grow.
After visiting Italy, I actually started to like tomatoes. Now, tomatoes in Italy are INSANELY good. Nothing compared to ones here in my little opinion. But this recipe was a great fix when I was missing those Italian tomatoes. 

I  have yet to do this- but it's a plan I have once I get a Cameo cutter- someday.

Hmmm that's hard. Perhaps this one... because it was an impromptu lesson that turned out really great and is applicable to lots of things/content areas. Higher order thinking, nothing fancy, 100% kid created (ok 95%- I had copies made of the circles and the ribbons for them to cut out that I made over my prep).

It was probably the fact that we saved up enough money to bite the bullet and buy a brand new car! I love driving it and it gives me piece of mind knowing that is reliable.

I can't just pick one- our entire Italian getaway complete with over 500 photos are all tied. Should I upload them all here? No? Ok, well here is one photo from each of the amazing cities we visited during our late honeymoon this year.
Island of Capri


Lake Garda


Porto Venere




Cinque Terre

See number 4. I'll never forget this trip and am so thankful I got to spend this quality time with my husband as we checked this major bucket list item off of our list. Also, we got to celebrate 9 couples get married this year... so much love, so many fun memories with friends and families!

Me. I'm focusing on me.  I'd like to start taking care of myself more. Selfish huh? Physically, I need to change. I'm going to work on meal prepping and planning more. I'm running in my first ever race (a 7K) in March. Mentally, I need to relax. Stop sweating the small stuff- think before I react- and just chill. Emotionally, I need to make time for things that matter most. As much as I love my job, I need to invest that same amount (and even more) energy into my relationships. I'm hoping 2015 will be the year when I can really start seeing these changes and the pay-off of putting energy into myself.


I want to be present. From my work, to my health choices, to my relationships. With purpose. And passion. My 3 P's for the year.

Here's to 2015- I can't wait. 



  1. I am loving all of your favorite pictures! Italy is one of my favorite places to visit and you captured some very beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them! What a great goal for 2015 - I can totally agree with you about balancing work & relationships!


  2. Oh my goodness! First of all, I am so excited to hear that your sister is having TWINS!!! Does she live pretty close to you? How exciting! Second, I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one to get bored during most movies! :) Enjoy your holiday break!


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