MLK JR. Day: Celebrating Change by Saving You Some (SALE)

I don't know about you, but we have tomorrow off from school. Before we left on Friday, we watched a Brain Pop Jr. video on Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and had a discussion on why we had Monday off. The sad reality, is that we still have space to grow in the fight Dr. King started nearly 70 years ago with a letter to an editor stating the need for equality. I look out at my class and think of all the amazing experiences I'm gaining by working with such a diverse population. Each of my kiddos brings something everyday that teaches me to not only be a better teacher, but a better human being. They teach me compassion, humility, kindness, empathy, and hope. I couldn't imagine not having such a "tossed salad" in my room, where we teach one another about our different beliefs, goals,  and families. Because of my students though, I still see the injustice we have yet to overcome. We've seen improvements, but we have a long road ahead still.  Having courageous conversations with our students and shedding light on our past is giving us hope for our future.

It's also important that teachers are equipped to teach their students and create an environment that fosters growth in all mindsets. And for that, my store is on sale for Monday only! Stock up on some materials to help your students succeed while we celebrate a great leader!

Note: My Sale is Monday Only! Do some shopping on your day off!
Whether you have school tomorrow or not, I hope you take the opportunity to reflect on your students and the impact you are making in their lives; and think about what they are teaching you as well. :)


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