Out with the old... In with the new

Well, I met my goal partially this weekend. I wanted to do a little 'spring cleaning' in my TpT store and it was cutting it close to accomplishing this task with my other busy must-do plans this week. These things almost got in the way of me cleaning:

Fraction circles. These buggers were a pain... and I didn't even cut the out, a parent volunteer did (and I am so grateful for that). But I had to separate them all into 16 different sets and sort them into these folders. And my husband did a lot of the grunt work too with assembling the pocket folders. So I just try to image how worse it would have been if I didn't have all that awesome help. But anywho, we are starting our unit on fractions and we are using the Rational Number Project as our curriculum as a pilot this year. We did our first lesson today and the kids loved the hands on part- I loved the student centered exploration. We'll see how the rest of this unit plays out! This was my Saturday.

Then my Sunday rolled around and I had to get ready to play in my first ever hockey game! Let me say, I've never played hockey in my life. I had never even put on pads before. Or held a hockey stick. But I bought a bunch of gear (and had some donated to me, again- thankful for the awesome help) and tested the waters in a league my teammate dragged encouraged me to do with her. It was supposed to be Hockey 101- it was a bit more advanced than we thought, but I was able to manage. This will be every Sunday for the next 8 weeks or so. I'll report back if I still have all my teeth.

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So Saturday and Sunday morning, I was working like a mad dog trying to get some of my old products updated and add some of new ones. Here's what I accomplished:

My Mental and Emotional Health Resource got a face lift plus add ons! I added interactive options for the previous pack (those are still there too if you want a quick reflection page) plus a teacher's guide on how I used them in my room. I changed to the interactive this year and really liked it (my kids seemed to enjoy it too).

Another resources I cleaned up was my Superfudge Student book. The book didn't change, but I added graphic organizers to go with it was all was some end of book written response.

 And then there are my new resources. Last week, we had some extension lessons for place value up to the hundred thousands place. So I made this game that included all the skills we were doing with those big numbers: reading and writing numbers, rounding, and comparing in one easy-prep game! I added other game boards that have smaller place values too to use next year at the beginning.

I'm starting to create some things for my classroom next year. I redid these conflict resolution posters that I already had posted in my store. Same content- just different look.

And to go more with my 'theme' and colors next year, I made some new reading comprehension posters for my small group instruction. I love a good anchor chart, but sometimes I don't have the space. So I tried to add as much onto these as possible (without them feeling crowded). These posters include text structures and comp strategies.

Well, that's what I accomplished and cleaned! You can get all of these resources 20% off through Wednesday!


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