Preparing for the Spring Cleaning Sale

I've got so many updates that I've been working on for some of the resources in my TpT store. I change things and test them out in my class each year and always intend to update, but never find time! To help motivate me, I created a lil' spring cleaning sale to get my butt movin' and to celebrate the wonderful arrival of SPRING!

I'll be sprucing up some of my older products- adding resources to products already created, changing up the looks a bit, and trying to make them even more user friendly to you! I've learned a lot in my first year of selling on TpT so it's time to go back and give some of those first items some lovin.'

I've also got some new resources that I've created this year and just haven't posted yet. Those will be introduced just in time for the sale as well!

Both the new resources and updated ones will be 20% off in my store for 3-days for you to snag and and enjoy and kick-off spring!

Do you need some motivation too to give your store a little spring cleaning? Grab the image below, add in your own details and spread the news. Besides- doesn't it feel good to reap the benefits after a good cleaning? Or is that just me when it comes to my apartment...

Happy Cleaning!
("Copy image" and "Paste" into an editing program to create your own button to announce a Spring Cleaning Sale!)


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