Build-A-Library Baby Shower

I was on a roll last year with this blogging thing... this year... not so much!

I just can't find the time! 
Sunday evenings: Hockey
Monday evenings: Girls on the Run
Tuesday evenings: Teach after school (one more day!!!)
Wednesday evenings: Plan with my Team
Thursday evenings: Usually some some committee meeting or school group
Friday evenings: asleep by 7 pm because this girl is t-i-r-e-d
Saturday evening: out and about for SOMETHING.

See what I mean?

I have lots of ideas and things to share about our classroom happenings...
it just ain't happenin'

Maybe this summer.


Last Sunday, I threw a baby shower for my older sister who is having twins! My mom and I hosted it at her lil' house (They just bought the house last year and many people hadn't been to it, so we did it there so people could see it. Good thing too- there's no way we could have gotten all the gifts home in one trip!). I've been spending a lot of my free time the last 2 weeks to getting stuff ready for it. 

I had the attitude: "Oh, I can make that." "Oh, I can find something like that." "Oh, that wouldn't be hard to put together."

Woof. It was super fun, and I loved creating everything for it, knowing it was for my awesome sister, but man, I overestimated the amount of time it would all take. Good thing I only have one sister.

Since she and I are both teachers, I knew I wanted to through a book-themed baby shower. Take a look into the special day for my sis!


I made a hot-air balloon mobile to go over the cake (you'll see later). Pinwheels were made out of a book one of my students "accidentally" ripped up. They spruced up her flower bed right by her door. I also made the party sign. You can't see because it was windy and rainy, but there were balloons tied to it also. I made it from all wood-like things from Michaels and a lil paint + gorilla glue. I didn't go too crazy on decorations as a) it's a small house b) we were planning on 25+ guest coming= space issues and c) time.

My sis kept saying she wanted a onesie garland... but I wanted to keep the book theme. So I made up these little onesies all book inspired. She loves Harry Potter so I had to include some of those. And because they are twins, you know they had to have a Thing 1 and Thing 2 set. I made a few others too to complete the garland.

Strega Nona's Pasta Salad and Stink Cheese Man Cheese Plate
I scoured Pintrest to find book themed menu items. I literally was so rushed that I barely got any pictures before guest arrived (or even during it because it went so fast). So these are literally the only pictures I got of the food. Not the best. Still learning how to be a hostess and all (I need my own house so I can practice).

Cloudy with a Chance of Barbecue Meatballs and Veggies from Peter Rabbits Garden (sitting in flower pots)

Very Hungry Caterpillar Fruit tray (more like fruit bowls), Popcorn Favor Popcorn Bar, and the AMAZING cake inspired by Oh, the Places You'll Go.
My teammate Kate (McDee's Busy Bees) creates cakes as a hobby. Isn't she ridiculous?!?! This is the front and back of the amazing cake... and it tasted delicious as well!
I told you I struggled with getting pictures- check out the nearly empty lemonade haha. On the left is the "Fizzy Lifting Drink" made with raspberry lemonade, pink Moscato , and Sprite... it was delicious! Note to self: Don't put little frozen berries in these containers- they love to get stuck in the spout and make it difficult to dispense liquid, thus having to use  a ladle in a make-shifty way.
Shower Time!
 Again, I barely got any photos of the actual shower. :( Oh well... the memories will stay either way!

My sister and I, and My mom and sister. She's 25 weeks here.
Side note: Good thing we did it last weekend- 2 days ago we had a little scare. As of now, everything is fine, but I'm glad we got to do a little celebrating before! You never know with twins!

It was sad to cut into the beautiful cake- put totally worth it.
Because it was a book theme, I asked guest to bring a book for the babies. Here are the invites (Again, I thought it would be cheaper to make my own... yes, it was cheaper... but super time consuming!). I painted this crate from Michaels to match the babies room. Once we know their names, I'll add their first initials to the front of the crate too. For now, it just has a big ampersand on it. And I kinda like it. People were so gracious with the books- we filled the whole crate!

Guest were also gracious with the gifts. We ran out of space to put them so we started to pile them into the cribs for now. Car seats, strollers, clothes, and toys... these little ones are all set! I'm so excited for my sister and brother-in-law!

And I'm excited to just be a guest at the next shower next weekend... this one pooped me out!


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