Brightening Back to School: Flash Freebie #1

Kick-Off To Summer!! And the first freebie of the summer season is...

So I'm testing the waters out a bit. I was so excited to start this fun summer series that I kinda went out of order... Oops!

So, I already posted the freebie on TpT for 20 minutes and told people on my Instagram and Twitter. Note to self: Blog FIRST, then post. [newbie]

So, to make up for it, I'm keeping it free over the night. Too many glitches with internet connection- it just ain't fair to you all! Click on the Flash Freebie button above and it will take you to the limited time freebie all about accountable talk:

Hurry though! You only have until tomorrow morning before I head off for my last day of school this year (unless I forget which is very possible).

Thanks for all the enthusiasm! I'm excited you're excited! And if you want to offer freebies for this series, let me know and I'll share the buttons. :)


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  1. I must have just missed it! Darn! Looks awesome!


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