Brightening Back To School: Flash Freebie #2

I'm tickled pink with all the lovely support and comments about my classroom crafting addiction Monday Made Its. You always know how to make a girl smile... and further fuel my unhealthy relationship to this color obsession thing. I thank you- but my husband might not. #ohwell

A lot of you asked about the tabs for the Book Buzz Box and they are ready for you! My tabs were very particular to my class and what I know I have in my library. But, I know that might not be the case for all of you. So I spent some time this morning tweaking things a bit so that hopefully more people can create their own buzz box in their room and get those reluctant readers to read! That is the end goal of course, right?? It's just an added bonus if it's cute and color coded functional.

If you are like, "What is this lady talking about a buzzing book box and how can I get one?" Check out the first post here. For those of you already in the know-how, you can snag these pre-made and editable tabs in my store as a FLASH FREEBIE for my summer series!

Click this button to be taken to the freebie!

[the bottom of this post explains what I'm talking about... some of you may be thinking I'm a little scattered-brain at this point... that is not entirely false]

These tabs will remain as a flash freebie in my TpT store until tonight after the Married at First Sight Reunion because I'm a lover of all trashy reality TV and will not be interrupted until that is finished. For those of you who are not into watching perfect strangers agree to marry each other and live together for 6 weeks before deciding whether to stay married or get divorced (which I don't know why you wouldn't be, but hey- I don't judge) that would be 9 pm central time. After that, it'll be on sale until July 31st (so even if you don't snag it as a freebie, don't fret- you can still get it at a discount yo!)
This flash freebie is a part of my summer series this year where I share new, old, and updated resources to make going back to school a little brighter. My original post can be read by clicking the image above.

Knowing that not everyone sits around on their computers and on their phones all day during summer waiting for a random freebie to surface, I've put all the flash freebies featured this summer on sale through the end of July. I post previous freebies below so that if you missed one or are itching to spend a little $$ on classroom things, but don't want to break the bank, you have an outlet.

#1: Accountable Talk Posters Posted 6/3/15

I've only got 2 projects in the works for next week's Monday Made It- but that could all change if something catches my eye... and as long as my sister's twins keep cooking, I'm looking for lots of ways to spend my summer relaxing and doing what I love. :)



  1. Thanks for this AMAZING freebie!!! I'm super excited to use it next year:) Thanks again!

  2. I am SO excited that I can't even stand it. I want to go to Office Depot right now and buy some colored paper!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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