Dare to Dream

I don't know if you'd call these BIG dreams because they are a little bit more "abstract." I won't know for sure I guess when I'll reach these events, but they work for where I am at in my journey on TpT and my life.

TpT allows me to be creative. In a time when restrictions in what we teach and how we teach are impending on us constantly, TpT allows me to get creative. As a kid, I always liked to create things and make them look "pretty." I love finding my style and trying new techniques. Creating teaching resources allows me to do that while also making something that benefit me in another way- teaching.

I'm not rolling in the big moneys, but more than I thought I would when I started this thing. It's nice to know I have a little wiggle room if I want to splurge on something and I don't have to feel as guilty when it shows up on my door step and having to explain to my husband. I'm hoping that the extra money can be towards creating things for our future home and perhaps keep me on a budget that way.

Lastly, I want to leave a positive impact. I want to help others make impacts in the lives of others too. TpT is a chain reaction: teachers helping teachers who help their students who help those around them... I'm glad to be a part of it. I get so many awesome ideas and resources from others that I want to contribute to it was well.

Pretty short and sweet. Perhaps when my life changes more, the role of TpT may change as well. I can image having a family and why so many hope to work for home one day, but I'm not quite there yet. There's still so much I want to do in the classroom and professionally as an educator that I couldn't image loosing that yet. Again, when life changes, I'm sure this will all change too! 


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  1. Great dreams! I love the chevrons in there too!


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