Monday Made It Week 3

I'm pumping out projects left and right... mainly because my sister could pump out her identical twin baby boys any day now. Lots of little hiccups here and there with her pregnancy, so even though she is almost at 35 weeks, if another hiccup comes, then they are delivering those boys! And once they come- I'll turn into that crazy aunt that just wants to kiss them and buy them things all the time! So I'm trying to be productive in these 'quiet' weeks. #excuses

This week was all about solving some lil' problems that creep up every year and trying to find a solution.

(1) Event Board

I don't know about you, but there comes a time during the school year where it just seems like important dates keep popping up and you just cross your fingers and pray that when someone asks you if you are available to do "xyz" on the 14th that you don't have another thing planned. I'm not a planner girl with a calendar and washi-tape, believe it or not. I've tried. It just isn't for me. I'm more of a post-it girl. Where I can just glance and see when I'm responding to an email or a phone call as opposed to finding that darn planner, opening it up to the correct date and hoping I had remembered to write down that important meeting on the correct date. I wish planners worked for me to keep track of dates... they are so darn cute! But alas, they don't.

Last year, I put up a "calendar" for the last few weeks of school because we had so many events between tests, assemblies, field trips.... you know how it goes. It was made of post-its. And covered weeks vs. months. 

And I found it so helpful to be able to glance up and see it! Not to mention, my students used it too and would remind me of events. I wanted something similar this year, but not a calendar where I had to write down everyday... just the days where there are important events to keep track of. So I made this:

I can write down important dates with a whiteboard marker and erase it when it's done to add in more. I tested it out with some upcoming events and love it... I want to create one for my home too!

I got the frame at Michaels. It was originally $10.00 and I used my 50% coupon and got it for $5.00 (look at those math skills). I used the insert that came with it, flipped it over, and painted it a navy blue. I then used some washi-tape to not only add some patterns, but to help me put my letters on straight (remember, I don't have patience). I then cut out some pieces of card stock to make each little square. I used some Glue Dot Strips to then stick them all together and onto the now navy piece and put the glass on top. Lastly, I cut out my letters on the Cameo with some vinyl (duh) and stuck 'um on and done! Hopefully this will keep those important dates in the forefront of my mind!

(2) Book Labels

Another struggle of mine hides out in our library. I love childrens books. Our classroom library has over 1500 books and it continues to grow. Unfortunately, if we get new books, they don't enter the library until I get my label on it. You'd be surprised how many books have been lost and returned thanks to my trusty labels. Plus, it helps us to organize our books. 

However, I would run out of a certain label and then put that book in a pile to get a label and then I would forget about it. I had to find a solution to this to get those books into students hands (let's just say I had to bring home over 60 books to get labels on over the summer... oops)!

It's a give and take. I need to give something up in order for this to completely work, which is hard for me and my type A personality. I did a binder in the past, but would have to put the labels into plastic sleeves. Ugh- more steps. So I think I found a solution!

I found this accordion style storage system at Target for $9.00.

I numbered the tabs and just put the sheets of labels into the correct slots. How do I know what slot it goes in? Well I made a key of course on the back!

I put each label on the back and where I normally write the level, I wrote the slot number. I EVEN added some semi-blank labels and have decided that if I run out and need to hand write it, I'm going to do it! #babysteps I also won't be putting levels on any more books for a while. All my books in my library currently have a level to help students. I want to add a few without as well. Keep it interesting, right??

So now when we get a new book, whether it be donated or I buy some, it's getting a label right away and put into the correct bin so that those kiddos can read it! The library will stay organized though, which makes me happy, even if I have to handwrite. I think I'll get over it. 

As always- hop over to Tara's blog to look at all the beautiful creations from other bloggers!



  1. I love your event board! It is much more fun than simply listing the reminders on the board like I do now. I have it pinned. Thank you!

    Fit to be Fourth

  2. Kelli,
    Your event board is super cute! It looks like something you could walk into Hobby Lobby and purchase! :)
    Storybook Endings in Second

    1. How sweet! Thanks so much Tonya. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby close to us (but it's nearly 2 hours away)... but maybe it's a good thing we don't. I see the awesome things people buy there!

  3. I just love your event board! So creative and JUST my colors! Can I hire you to make me one?? LOL.
    I'm curious about your labels! If I understand you correctly, the labels correspond with the genre? that is, Historical Fiction might be #1....and the bin is labeled Historical Fiction #1, also? I struggle with the same problem! I even made labels (not as cute as yours) and still didn't get on the shelves! I think accordian folder tip is the next step I need! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Saw all your amazing pictures on Instagram and I just had to come over to your blog to read more about your amazing projects!!! Love your event board and I am going to see what I can doing about maybe using an accordion file to store all my book labels too!! They are currently held together with a binder clip and the cut up ones are in a pencil case! Ha! Thanks for sharing all your amazing ideas! And I am still drooling over your beautiful Cameo letters!!!


    1. Thank YOU for your sweet comments, Molly! My library is what I call an organized mess- it's definitely organized, but it's a messy process to get it there sometimes! I'm hoping this helps! P.s. I drool over your entire classroom!

  5. I love your event board...such a great idea to keep your important dates organized!
    Enchanting Elementary

    1. Thanks Laura! I'm hoping since it's kinda cute I'll be more likely to remember to write on it haha

  6. Just love all your ideas!!! Your event board!!!! Brilliant! and cute!!! Libraries.....mine is ugh and definitely something I need to tackle soon!!! Thanks for linking up! I wanted to ask about your little book box you linked up a few weeks ago....would a recipe box work? I really want to get that and make it...may even be a Monday Made It featuring you:) Thanks!!!
    4th Grade Frolics

  7. Love the event board. So creative and useful.

    1. Thank you Sherrie! I hope it keeps all the crazy in one spot and easy to reference :)


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