Brightening Back to School: Fill those Files!!!

Back in May, I needed some motivation to create things over the summer to ease the whole going back to school come August/September. I knew a lot of exciting things would be happening during the summer and in the first few months of the new school year so I had to get creatin'!

To wrap up this series and to say THANK YOU to all those who supported me during these summer months by commenting on the blog, purchasing resources, or leaving feedback, I'm doing a little *and hopefully* fun game that will hopefully brighten up this back to school season!

Here's the plan:

The resources I made for this series will still be at a discount through the 31st of the month. So if you haven't snagged these yet- do so now before they go back to full price!

And there is a new resource I just added that you can get on sale until tomorrow! Drum Roll....

But the exciting and hopefully fun part is happening TODAY! Yes, THURSDAY the 30th of July, folks! Here's what's happening:

I've picked a few resources to 'fill those files' up for the new year. These resources are set at a STEAL of a price... perhaps even a freebie or two might be hidden in there also!

Read the file folder clues and head over to my store to try to find the resources that have been slashed and grab them while you can! They will go back to full price by 4:00 pm central time TODAY.

(Hint: There are a total of 4 resources that have been slashed for this series wrap up + the original resources that will be on sale through tomorrow)

Did you get that??? This fun little file filling game will only be happening UNTIL 4:00 pm central time. Are ya ready?? Click on any of the file folders to be taken to my store.

Here we go:

I hope you can find some uses for these resources this school year! I also hope that this summer has left you all feeling refreshed and ready to head back to school and create new memories with your new (or perhaps looping) class. Make it a great year, everyone!


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