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I've got to do a little something right now to get my mind off of all the AMAZING crazy personal excitement over here that I can't wait to share with you all... seriously, the last 48 hours have been a whirlwind and I'm wondering what the next 24 have to offer.

Because I couldn't sleep and I have a little time to waste, I thought I'd fill you in on a few other things in terms of this little blog and the upcoming school year! If you remember ANYTHING from my Monday Made It posts, you'll remember that I am NOT patient. And that goes for things other than waiting for paint to dry or using transfer paper for my vinyl. That whole no-patience thing oozes into other facets of my life including waiting on details for your future. But I guess that's probably normal, right?

Ok, enough. Onto what this post is really about.

I'm linking up with Angie and Ashley for their:

I can't turn my teacher brain off. Well that's a lie- I can when other things fully occupy my mind that excite me, but it's very hard to do willingly. So you bet I've been thinking on things to improve- heck- I've been thinking about things to improve for next year at the start of this past year!

I've kinda broken it down into a few categories: Classroom Environment, Classroom Content, Classroom Teaching (I felt I had to keep the whole "classroom" piece but really, it's a improvement about my teacher practice).

I've got a lot of wall space- some "modes" are more ideal than others. Each year, I try to designate a space in our room for charts and resources for each content area, but it's always a hot mess by mid year! We make oodles of charts and I want to find a system where we can keep them stowed away when we have moved on, but accessible when we need to reference it again. Plus, I'm trying to keep my walls a bit less cluttered. #easiersaidthandone.

Here is some of the spaces I have. I have completely taken down all labels to start fresh this year and I want to be really thoughtful on what space in the room is housing certain content focuses.
I was reminded why I don't change out the background and borders of my bulletin boards. These will stay up for another 3 years probably. Ick- I hate that job!
I found these magnetic shelves (my teammate had them last year, but they were always sold out!) at Lakeshore Learning! They can hold smaller posters, but aren't as permanent. Right now, they are going to hold our accountable talk posters. That way, they are easy for me to grab off the wall and use, but then put back for reference later.

I saw huge improvements last year with my teacher language and I want to continue with it this year- especially because I was spoiled with my group last year. I'm always looking for the right balance of the 3 types of teacher language.

I find myself always using more reminding and redirecting language, but last year I made it a goal to use more reinforcing language and it paid off. I want to continue to look for what students are doing correctly and reinforce that as opposed to redirecting or reminding so often (although, it is necessary to do this as well- it's all about the balance).

I'm often jealous of those of you who can do a thematic unit and cover a similar topic throughout your content areas. I am not able to do that with our given curriculum, but I do have a goal to try my best to connect what we are learning in one content to either other content or my student's lives more. That goes along with making those connections cohesive, authentic, and meaningful where it will help them in other areas either in their learning or their self-awareness. I'm working on incorporating that into our classroom environment as well this year- we'll see if it pays off.

Be sure to check out how others are looking to improve in the coming year over at Angie or Ashley's blog.

Oh and before I go, a little announcement:

I'm now on
Cue a bit of panic.

I've been putting off venturing to Facebook as it really intimidates me for some reason in terms of using it for my blog and stuff, but with some encouragement from others, I jumped in yesterday. I have to be honest though- it might not see much action for the next few days as EXCITING things are happing here off the internet (remember the beginning of the post.... I told you I can't stop thinking about it all). But hop over there, like my page (if you want to of course), and then be prepared to share and connect with me this school year. I'll be posting a celebratory limited time freebie that will only be announced on my Facebook page after the EXCITEMENT calms down a bit (hopefully in the next couple days). 

Thank you to those who have showed me so much love and support over the last month or so- it's been a crazy ride and I can't wait to continue it. 



  1. Your classroom is so pretty, I love the soothing colors! I can't wait to hear what your exciting news is, I'm going to go find your facebook page so I don't miss it!
    The Blessed Teacher

  2. I love those magnetic shelves. I have a HUGE dry erase board that takes up a large chunk of my wall space, so I would like those...I already have ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hear ya with the wall space! We have a very picky Fire Marshall who will get us if we have too much of the walls covered. Being an anchor chart lover I have a very hard time with this! I can't even get into my room right now! I am all for the teacher language as well. I want to do a better job at this year! I'm sorry I can't help you much! Maybe something will come to me later!

    Becky from

  4. I am so jealous of your wall space. I have no wall space to speak of. I also have five tall bookcases that take up any space that I might've had. We had the nicest fire marshal this year that we've ever had. He said he is sticking around and we can hang stuff from the ceiling....I might take him up on that! Yay for joining FB.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. I like how your post is organized. I used your graphic from teacher language in my post and gave you credit. We had similar goals this school year. I also want to work on using wall space effectively. Enjoy your holiday weekend!



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