Monday Made It: Glass Case of Emotions

This has been my week:
All I'm going to say is

1) There are some real sleazy realtors out there who do not follow the code of ethics (p.s. it's not ours- it was the buyer's agent... yuck)
2) I learned some valuable lessons that I'll stick in my pocket and move on!

It's times like these when I am so thankful I have school that I can use to distract me.

Did I just say that?

I feel like it's reversed during the school year... Oh well.

With that said, here's what occupied my mind as I also try to prepare to head back to school soon! And thank GOD for Tara who made this wonderful linky to give me an excuse to make messes and not have to clean them up until after Monday.

Ok- maybe that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, so maybe I should clean up my messes and explain a bit more.
(1) Rubric

I'm working on preparing my "rubric" bulletin board. I'll explain it all more later, but I've been focusing on getting the pieces prepared so when I go to school I'm ready to put it all together. So here are a few of the pieces that will be contributing to my rubric wall (and of course it's going with my 'growth' theme). I put these awesome images together thanks to Angela at The Organized Planbook (see more below), put them into some black frames that I bought back when I was a sophomore in college, stuck some vinyl letters on them and I called it done. These babies will be hung up on our rubric board and you'll hear little children all year long saying, "I'm a seedling!" or "I'm a tree!"

I can't wait to put it together

Except I can because it's like a million degrees up here lately which means my classroom is like two million degrees and that just sounds like torture right now.

Do you see those amazing, beautiful, watercolor like images???? I had the true pleasure of working with Angela from The Organized Planbook. I saw a post on her instagram that said she did custom design packages for clip art and I knew I wanted to try it out as I've been scouring TpT for these types of images with no luck. She got back to me instantly practically and I picked my package, shared my ideas/styles/requests and BAM! In like a week or so, I had 10 color and 10 black and white images completely custom for my need in the style I wanted at an amazing price! I was awestruck by the process and will DEFINITELY be using her again when other ideas pop in my head. I would HIGHLY suggest you to check her out if you have an idea in mind and aren't seeing it out there yet. She delivered people. And she's super affordable. And did I mention it's completely custom and speedy quick!?? Just saying.
The Organized Plan Book

Go look at her now.

Then come back here.

I'll wait.

(2) Flipbook (plus extra paper things so that I didn't feel like I was wasting stuff.)

Last year, I went back and forth on if I should do a flip book or a brochure with important information. After a few people sounded off, I went with the brochure. It saves paper and is small and convenient. And I think that was the problem. It's too small and gets lost in the shuffle of endless papers. So I decided to go with the flip book this year. And if people still don't seem to know when our lunch time is, or our snack policy, or my email, then I'll prepare a song and dance video and burn it onto DVDs and pass those out next year. 

Seems like the next logical step. 

I posted an image of it on my instagram & facebook and I had people ask if I have it in my store.


I don't. And I won't. Not because I'm mean, but for what I think is a very valid reason.

I think these types of resources are just too personal. Meaning, I think they are so different from classroom to classroom that I don't think I could *sanely* create an editable version that would fit people's needs and I don't want to disappoint others. Plus, some other TpT authors have attempted it and it's worked for them and many many others, so I figured we don't need another "wheel" out there taking up valuable space on TpT. I'll link a few different flip books out there that seem successful for those looking for the option to put their info in, print and be done.
A Spoon Full of Learning's Flip Book- Cut and Staple Version
SunnyDaze's Flip Book- No Cutting Required
Chalk and Apple's Flip Book- Cut and Staple Version
Miss Johnston's Flip Book- Cut and Staple Version
I made my own because I only wanted a certain number of flaps and I wanted control over the size of the flaps. So I made my own. If none of the flip books on TpT float your boat, you could try to attempt to make your own like I did. 

I have the steps on formatting to have even flaps below. There are probably easier ways, but this was the fastest and made the most sense to me. It looks like a lot of steps... and it is, but the steps take as long as it takes you to click on something... so it didn't take long.

If you don't want to make your own- skip the next 8 photos to wrap up this post!

I don't do the folding version, because that printing and folding and flipping just intimidates me. So I went with the cutting and stapling version. Which leaves a lot of wasted paper. So I found a solution.

I made some paper products that I'll use throughout the school year. I've now got book marks, reminders, positive note cards, and note strips! Boom. I'd rather waste ink than paper. Because my ink at home is cheap. #thankshpinstantink

So- another week of summer is in the books. And we continue on. It's about the half way mark for me... what will happen next??

One thing's for sure- another Flash Freebie will be shared later this week for my summer series! Follow along to find out when and what!



  1. These Monday Made Its are AMAZING! How do you always come up with such cute, cool, and creative stuff? I LOVE Mondays all because I know you'll share all your cool ideas with us!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love how your pictures turned out just for you! What a very precious idea for self-assessment. Love, love, love. You are so sweet to put up how you made your flip book. I'm so sorry the realtor was a sleaze...that's no bueno. This week is going to be better for you...I know it!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I absolutely love your flip book to give parents an easy way of learning about you and your classroom. I was thinking of doing something similar to this. I will have to see if I have the time to work this into my schedule. You make it look so simple!

    Stuck In The Middle

    1. Thanks Kimberly!! It is pretty simple, but it can get time consuming with adding your content. If all else fails- there's a lot of flip books out there where you just fill in your content and don't have to worry about the finagling with the flaps! But I love that I have control over everything- call me a control freak haha.

  4. Thank you so much for the Powerpoint tutorial on creating the flipbooks! I use a flipbook like this for grammar, but I do it the old fashioned fold & write way. I can't wait to try this out!

  5. And once again, I love it all! That self assessment rubric is just precious and so creative!! Hope things get better for you...sorry you had a tough week but glad my linky has helped;) Thanks for linking up!!!
    4th Grade Frolics

  6. I love your style-- great colors on everything. About the brochure vs. flipbook, some parents won't look at either. However, I'm sure some parents appreciate the extra information and the colorful flipbook will be easier to find. I totally understand why you don't want to sell it-- very personal and there are already tons of similar flipbooks for sale! I also Love that you didn't just throw away the excess paper.

    My Bright Blue House

  7. Obvi I am in love with it all!! Colors especially! Thanks so much for the super kind shout out, my friend!

    The Organized Plan Book

  8. Sorry about the realtors :(

    Love that flipbook!


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