Monday Made It... Surprisingly

This summer is anything but low-key... but I'm alright with that!

The baby nephews are now home which means I've gotten to spend a bit more time with them up close and personal. They are the coolest.. just saying.

Oh, and we are off to our house inspection later today- let's hope it's all good! And we're doing it on our 2nd wedding anniversary!

So it's a miracle that I'm getting school stuff done, but let's face it- I kinda have to since August isn't going to be any slower and come September, it's back to school not only for the kiddos but for me as I'm going back to finish my last course for my Master's degree. And I'm on Leadership this year. Plus my other committees. And we'll be doing remodeling in our new house (pending inspection of course) and I still have those adorable baby boys.

Yea. Life ain't slowing down.

But I like it that way. :)

So- uber fast- here we go.

(1) Spelling Center

Pardon the pictures- something called sunlight can make things complicated. I've decided where my spelling pockets are going. And my awesome husband is spray painting my magnetic letters I got at the Target Dollar spot! Except he did it when he was back at his parents house because they have a garage and we do too but we are at rental and I just don't want to spray paint in their garage because I get nervous so I had my husband do it when he went back to our hometown to golf. And he did! So thankful. But they were not dry when he had to leave. So we will get them another time. 

But the letters will go underneath the pockets for one of the spelling activities. Yay for progress!

(2) Labels

Ok. Hopefully this is the LAST time I'll need to make and print and cut labels. Well to be honest, I don't HAVE to, but I like to, because I like things to match. I still need to cut these out though. We'll save that for The Bachelorette: Men Tell All.

(3) Make-shift Bulletin Board Thingers

I've got this ugly curtain in my room. If you've been around the blog for a while, you'll know my distaste for them. Well, I think after 3 years, I've found a solution. I used 6 foam boards from the dollar store, some bulletin board boarder and some clothespins to make spaces to hang up our anchor charts easily. I began to make headers using paper plates from Target, but I ran out of paper for my letters (go figure). 

And don't judge how the board and letters aren't even yet. I have to do some adjusting (maybe- if it begins to bug me enough, which it probably will). 

I used some tools from around my room to try to make things as even as possible without wasting too much of my time (as you know I am not patient with measuring). But I now have space for Reading, Writing, and Math and I can hang up 2 of my smaller chart paper size or one of my bigger ones which is awesome! And the clothespins will make it easy to switch out. Woo Hoo!

And since these are only hung at one point, if my teammate and I need to close our curtain for some reason, things won't rip or fall to the ground! We like to keep it open. We have our "curtain" moments when we need a quick 5 second break. Or I need a stapler or something. 

Well that's all this week- pretty simple. I'm just trying to get into my room and do as much as I can without putting too much out where it gets all dusty and then I have to dust it because I don't like doing that either. But I want it out. So I don't have to go in at all during August. But I know I will- here and there. 

Ok enough. I'm rambling. 

Oh wait! I forgot! Many asked about the Show 5 signs from last week. I finally found some time to get them up for you and you can enjoy them as a Flash Freebie as part of my Brightening Back to School Series:

This is my 3rd Flash Freebie this summer.  
(click on the picture to be taken to it)

You have until we return from our house inspection and I remember to change it. So... probably until around noon on 7/20. Catch it while you can!

These resources were previously flash freebies or already discounted resources that are now at a discount until the end of the month. Click on each picture to go check them out and snag them before they go back to full price!


I'm planning on putting some of my already created resources as flash freebies over the 2 weeks of July in order to say thank you and to celebrate the "going back to school" season! Check back... but don't wait, because they will be gone in a flash!

Now, go find some serenity over at Tara's blog for more Monday Made Its! 



  1. I think the new bulletin boards are brilliant ideas! They look great. I have your Book Buzz (one of my last week's Monday Made It items) and am really looking forward to my kiddos using it this year along with our book talks and book trailers. Thanks!
    Are We There Yet?

  2. Happy Anniversary! I LOVE your solution for your curtain, and your paper plate header is super cute. Thanks for the flash freebie!

  3. Let me just say that I am swooning over those labels. Girl you know I'm dying to have those since our rooms match! Please tell me you're going to sell them!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thanks so much for the Show 5 freebie! I'm printing it out now!


  6. I would also love to purchase your labels, I'm another teacher with a blue/green themed room. In fact, the colors match almost perfectly!

  7. I really like how you made the best of that curtain in your room, very cute! It's funny how this summer I've looked forward to Mondays, as my daughter and I love to watch The Bachelorette together. If only Mondays were this fun all year long!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  8. I love those labels! They would go well with my room too!

    Miss Lifesaver

  9. I want to live in your classroom. You can live in your new house, but I'm taking over the school space. It will give you more time with the new baby boys..just sayin'!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  10. I think I say this every week but I LOVE your color scheme.

    Honestly those curtains are ugly but I bet they give you a lot of flexibility with your teammate. I love your anchor chart solution-- it looks so great now but I bet it will be wonderful with anchor charts up!

    My Bright Blue House

  11. I'm interested in knowing how your spelling center works

  12. Ummmm...obviously I love everything that you made...I especially like your little hanging bulletin boards. ANDDD can we talk about how we got married on the exact same day??? 7.20.13...whatttt???!! :)

    The Organized Plan Book

  13. Also wondering about the labels... freakin LOVE!

  14. I love the new bulletin boards. I am going to try this in my class. There is a wall of windows in my room and I would love to gain more space for anchor charts. I may even try covering them in fabric for color.


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