Back to School In a Flash: Curriculum Must Haves

Hey everyone!

It's week 2 of the back to school in a flash!

And this week, it's all about....

And this came at the perfect time because do you know what tomorrow is???

The TpT Back to School Statewide Sale! (Hopefully you read that like you had an echo in your head because that's how I read it when I typed it).

Ok- I'm going to share 3 resources with you and then I'm off to go look at the others and start to fill up that cart!

(1) One resource I created and can't wait to use is...

I'm so excited to have a solution for early finishers that aligns with our writing work and helps supports those students who struggle with, "I don't know what to write about."

I made 5 different journals for different genres and I've shared them on TpT if you are interested!

(2) One resource I use every year is...

Seriously- this woman is a genius!! Alyssha worked really hard on this resource... heck all of the close reading packs for all the grades really! They are thorough, helpful, clean looking and oh-so- engaging for my students.

I've used them especially around test prep time and have even used them to make games in my classroom to put a new spin on close reading and test prep. I also bought her fiction set too.

They are tried and true, folks!

(3) One resource on my wish list is...

Ok, I couldn't share just one. There is a sale happening. So I'm highlighting a few things from some awesome ladies that are in my wish list currently!

I love this management system. I think it's a great visual of expectations! Amber even says she does  custom colors for a little extra- definitely checking it out!

Teaching subject and predicates is hard! Like really hard! Especially to ELs. This looks like an awesome solution to my troubles!

And I scoured looking for some idiom examples and gave up until I landed on this beauty! It looks AWESOME!

 Our first unit is place value. These centers look so fun as a way to get some information on what students know before we dive into our curriculum. I really want to ease into things this year and make sure our classroom feels like a safe place to take risks and one way to do that is to have FUN while we learn! Plus, Jamie is the queen of centers so if she made and uses them- you know they're good.

 Ok last one- promise! Like a broken record: I really like to find things that might be tricky for ELs and make sure I expose them and openly discuss them. This resource from Debbi looks like an awesome addition to my room. I haven't even really thought about collective nouns until this popped up on my Bloglovin' feed one day.

Ok- so now you've been looking at all these goodies and you're like, "I NEED THEM!!!" Well it's your lucky day:

The ladies at iTeach Third are doing a Rafflecopter giveaway! You can snag a boatload of goodies to head back to school from these lovely ladies and more! Oh- and did I mention there's a giveaway for grades 4 and 5 too? Visit Ramona Recommends' post to do all 3 giveaways.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Alrighty then! There are my "curriculum" must haves! Feel free to link up and join in the fun.

Next week is one of my FAVORITE topics- you won't want to miss it!



  1. I use whole class journals too! Thanks for linking up!
    Fancy Free in Fourth

  2. I need to check out your classroom journals! ADORABLE! Thank you for linking up!
    Open the Magic!
    Ramona Recommends


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