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I'm sure most teacher are like me where our classroom is like our second home. We spend so much time there in between the actual teaching we do, planning and prepping, meetings, conferences and open house... I'm there more than my actual home!

But that also means that there are things that happen at school that send me into freak out mode:
"I'm meeting with a committee in 5 minutes and I've got poppy seeds all stuck up in my teeth! If only I had some floss!"

"I knew I shouldn't have worn white. It like a rule that if I wear white, I will spill my lunch on it. If only I had some Tide To Go."

"Ohhh conferences starts in 10 minutes and I just got done teaching and feel like I smell like dirty gym sock that's been stewing for months. If only I had some deodorant."

Have you ever had any of these things happen?

I'm not taking any more chances this year and I finally put together a little tool box to keep me at my best for whatever comes my way when I'm at school and I'm sharing what's inside!

I bought everything at Target and it probably cost me like $30 (including the drawers). Kinda spendy, but literally, I have no worries that if a little 'oops' pops up that I'm ready! I've got 3 drawers that each serve a different purpose:

This drawer is all about sprucing myself up, especially for meetings or conferences. It screams, "Look, I DO care about my appearance actually.... just ignore this messy bun on the top of my head."

Static Guard | For those winter months
Hair Spray | This one will need to be replenished more than once- I love my hairspray
Burt's Bee Tinted Lip Balm | I LOVE this stuff- it hydrates and gives a little subtle color
Lint Roller | For all those fuzzies
A Nail Clipper | For those chips and hangnails
Tide To Go Pen | To clean up any stains that I get while I eat (which is a daily struggle)
Vasline Lip Stuff | My lips get real chapped

This drawer is a MUST! I get stinky during the day thanks to no AC and always being up and moving. Confession- I did use my teammates deodorant a few times last year when I hit crisis mode and needed it. #noshame #iwasntstinkyanymore

Deodorant | Let's face it- sometimes I forget in the morning
Body Cloths | Sometimes I need to wipe the sweat from my body before a meeting. That's life
Travel Size Toothbrush and Toothpaste | For those staff meeting "Everything" bagels
Floss Picks | For those poppy seeds

You know there are those days when you just feel 'blah.' But we gotta push on because we all know sub plans are the worst!

Zicam | Zinc tablets save my life!! At the onset of a cold (and I get them at least 2-3 times a school year) I start popping these and if it doesn't erase my cold, it really cuts the severity down. I usually carry a bottle in my purse, but I'm keeping one at school this year.
Pain Reliever | Sometimes our nurse's office has it, sometimes it doesn't... I feel guilty asking for it, so this little travel size is perfect for those headaches that just won't go away
Feminine Products | I'm a lot more at ease when I know I'm prepared for anything... even when Aunt Flo decides to visit!

So this little toolbox will sit in my closet out of the hands of my little ones. And I already feel better knowing that no poppy seeds will be stuck in my grinning smiling and that my B.O. will be in check! And that's a win for everyone.

Should I add anything? Add your idea below in the comments!



  1. I've had an emergency drawer like this for several's a must have! I even tell my student interns that it is the first thing they should put on their to do list once they get a classroom of their own! Mine is much smaller (just one large drawer) but I have deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, lint roller, hand lotion and spare makeup. I also restock it with pain reliever (I get wicked bad headaches) and Dayquil once cold/flu season hits.

  2. Kelli-loved this post! I have a container not nearly as well stocked, or as convenent as your drawers. Great ideas-thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it. We really downsized this year so I downsized my personal items too-- of course I had to ask a co-worker for a tampon. Uggg. Way TMI!

    Surprised you don't have a comb/brush? I also had a black long scarf that I could wear a couple of ways-- as a belt, as a hair tie, as a scarf. I felt like it covered a variety of situations. (and could be worn to cover up spilled food or whatever)

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