MMI: Possibly the last hoorah

It's be a fun summer linky up with the fabulous Tara for Monday Made It! I've been so inspired to create things for my classroom and have connected with so many awesome people!  And even though I still have about 3 weeks of summer yet, this is probably the last time I'll be able to link up. My next 3 Mondays are as followed:

Next Monday: I'll be up in Northern Minnesota on our own little private island for a family vacation.
Following Monday: We will be closing our our first home
Monday after that: Teacher workshop week begins

Besides, I'm sure many of my "Made Its" I will be doing will be probably for our new home! Did I mention we are redoing the kitchen, floors, and painting? How fun!

This week, it'll be short and sweet because of this:

I spent the week preparing things for the classroom and then went in on Friday for a good 6 hours and got it mostly all put together... including cleaning out those cupboards and opening up my library.

I'll be doing a full classroom tour around our Open House time. There was a mini- tour yesterday for our Back to School in a Flash Linky. Go take a peek if you'd like.

(1) Door Decor

I've really stepped my door decor up since my first year. I like to see what new things I can do. My door isn't finished quite yet, because I want to wait until I get my class list. But I HATE covering my door because it's a chore and sometimes things don't stick well because of the humidity in our building. I won't be surprised when I go back in and there are leaves on the ground.

I tried to tape it really well, but my 3D leaves proved to be a bit difficult. So I tried to problem solve.

I taped a piece of white computer paper underneath the leaves. I then taped the strip onto the door. I layered them to hide the white and took some green table cloths from Dollar Tree and crumbled them up and taped them in spots where I couldn't cover the white. 

I reused the blue table cloth for my door background. I cover my book shelves with sheets and table cloths to keep dust out over the summer. Instead of wasting them, I give them a quick wipe down, flip them over and used them to cover the door background. The trunk of the tree and the dirt is also made out of a table cloth. I like how table cloths have easy pull and aren't as stiff as butcher paper. The grass is a border I got at a teacher supply store.

These are the little seeds that will have student names and be added to our door. I played around with my Silhouette to get a little white border around my letters and my images and love how easy it was to cut these out... because the machine did it all!

(2) Water Bottles

I saw these water bottles in a 2-pack at the Dollar Tree and knew I wanted them to be my "Back to School" welcome gift for my students. Kids always complain they are thirsty and don't have a water bottle at home... now they will! But how will we keep them all apart? I didn't want to wait to get their names on them, because that would take a while, especially during my back to school time... that's precious time I don't want to spend on this project. So I came up with an idea:  They will choose their bottle based on what it says. I printed 24 different positive character traits. They can pick out one that they think represents them or one they want to try to improve on. We will also write our classroom numbers or names on them later with a sharpie or something, but this way, they are mostly prepared and ready to go. I used vinyl of course for the words. And for now, they are stored in these baskets I got at the Dollar Tree and hung with command hooks. 6 fit perfectly!! But that's not what I'm using the baskets for. Makes for a great display though, don't ya think??

(3) FOOD

I have a bad relationship with food. As in, I don't eat the best because I am often picky. I'm trying to break out of my shell and force myself to eat better. I do good for a couple days and then we go out with friends and I feel like all my will power is gone. I hope I can get it under control. So I've been trying some new recipes. They still aren't the best, but I want to get away from eating out so much and eating crap.

I'm loving Strawberry Salads right now. I use a honey mustard vinaigrette and add some sliced nuts. Here I used almonds. I love almonds.  We also have been trying some new pizzas. We are making pizzas for the family on vacation so we wanted to try some new toppings. This is a "white" pizza. We made some garlic infused olive oil and put it on the premade Boboli pizza crust. It's delicious. Then we sautéed some chicken in olive oil and garlic, added in some mushrooms, then some spinach. I took some fresh mozzarella and  sliced it up and spread it around, then added the toppings. I put a little bit of extra shredded mozzarella on top, put it in the oven for 8 minutes and it was done! It was SO good! We used a bit too much oil on the crust and it got a little soggy, so we'll only do a tablespoon or so next time. 

I'm off to go look at the other link ups now! If you are back to school, I hope you have a great year! And if you are like me and still have some sweet summer time left, I hope you enjoy every moment.



  1. I am going to have to ask Santa for a Silhouette! Your letters look wonderful!
    Come see me at P.J. Jots!

  2. Both the pizza and the salad look absolutely delicious. I have a bad relationship with food because I like junk too much. I'm trying to eat more fruits/ veggies and less junk.

    I also love your 3D tree. Thanks for showing how you attached the leaves.

    My Bright Blue House

  3. Cute water bottle idea! Love using the character traits.

  4. The water bottles are a genius idea. I would so keep them in the basket though so they don't fall all over the place. That pizza sounds YUM. I'm going to have to ask Jerm to make that for me! Y'all be safe on your trip and have FUN! I can't believe I actually go back tomorrow. Scary!!!!

  5. I love your "Ready to Blossom and Be Awesome" tree. I'm looking to do something similar and I'm wondering if you can tell me where you found the student seeds? Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I actually just google searched "seeds" and found ones I liked. One was an image from a clip art set that I had made. I then printed and cut them out using my cameo machine. I added a little white box for names. I liked that I could make them the size I needed, but unfortunately, you can't just buy these as a set. Hope that helps!


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