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Hi y'all!

I always want to say y'all, but feel like I can't because I'm from Minnesota. Like I should say, "Hey dere. It's soooo nice to see you all teday." I just realized it's very tricky to type in a Minnesota accent.

But I do like typing y'all, so hopefully those of you who are from the south aren't offended by my attempt. Anywho.

There's been so many awesome ideas lately floating around teacher bloggy world that all my lil' projects this week are my attempts at other people's brilliant ideas. I don't think I executed them as well so make sure you visit the 'originals' because they are amazing!

(1) Graffiti Wall

The original is from the always silly and sassy Farley.

I love the idea of having an interactive space that I could also tear off and keep to review later on if necessary. I knew the exact spot I wanted it in my room so I finally made it happen.

My first message is for open house night. I hope to get a few new 3rd graders to share how they are feeling!

(2) Birthday Scratch-Offs

Ok- Amanda over at A Perfect Blend... has the cutest things! She made these scratch offs for good behavior and work ethic.

I was looking for a new birthday treat for my kiddos this year so I used her brilliant idea + awesome tutorial to make my own. 

And I was watching High School Musical 1 and 2 during my painting of these. I should be embarrassed by that- I guess I kinda am. The songs are kinda catchy though! But it also made me a bit sloppy and I didn't pay attention to how much soap to paint ratio I was doing so I don't think it came out exactly how it was supposed to, but it still worked enough that I am super pumped to use them next year!

(3) Writing Idea Pockets
Next up, the brilliant Christina over at Bunting, Books and Bright Ideas posted pictures of her writing center, which was adorable. And then she showcased this little ditty:

And I literally finished reading the post and hopped in my car to go to Target. 

I timed myself. I took me about 3 minutes and 40 seconds to hole-punch one set of cards. That ain't bad! It took me another 5 seconds to realize I didn't have any metal rings at home. So let's hope these don't spill all over the place on their way to school.

The cards are from Target Dollar Spot (I made one pack because I wanted to fill all the slots and just couldn't find another set of flash cards that would fit this purpose). I had a file I got as a freebie I believe at some point for some writing boards that I printed and put in the top too. I'll be adding some "shades of meaning" paint chips attached to the bottom rings but again- no rings. Between this and the journals and of course my actual teaching- we should have some mean-lean-writing-machines!

(4) Rotating Banner

These are everywhere. And I've wanted one. And I've tried to make one. Many times. And no matter which tutorial I use- something goes wrong and it's a hot mess so I just delete everything and walk away. Until I try the next day because I see someone else has added one and I want it again.

It was a vicious cycle.

And it still isn't perfect, but it's something. And I might just leave it because I don't want to finagle anymore with it. Patience and me- doesn't mix. We've been through this.

But Alison (the funniest woman ever) over at Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin' made her beautiful gif and A Burst of First made hers and posted it on Instagram with another tutorial so I knew between the two tutorials I could figure it out...maybe. One tutorial from Pitch Publications I found to be especially helpful (plus it has a link up to share your finished product... it's fun to see what others came up with).

And although they are not as crisp as I want, they will do for now. Feel free to give me suggestions on making them crisper. If I want to battle this beast again, I might give it a try and then give you all the credit!

I'm working in my classroom a bit this week and *hope* that it'll be 95% done by the end so I can enjoy the rest of my summer complete with a vacay up north, a book list I've been holding off on due to said vacay, closing on our house, and other school stuff. 

I can't wait to come home later in my A/C and continue to get inspired by you all! Go now to Tara's blog and get a head start on me!



  1. I love the graffiti wall! Yours is so cute! I might have just found my new project.

    1. Thank you!! I'm pretty excited at how simple it will be on my end to keep up with it! :)

  2. STOP IT....I want it ALLLLLLLLL! The Graffiti Wall...I just passed out from that cuteness. I am dying reading about your gif making. It's like you climbed in my head and stole my thoughts. Yours is too cute...and makes me want to re-do mine and at least make it slower. About the crispness. I have a have to buy a 27" Mac for it to show up beautifully. I know only because I looked at mine on my friend Miss Nelson's computer and it was perfect...unlike when I look on my 13" Macbook. Now we BOTH need new computers...just to gaze at our flyin' banner thingies. Go tell your husband I said so. I'm going to give you a free pass with the y'all because your Minn-eeeee-so-ta accent was so cute! XOXOXOXO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Those banners have given me a headache too! I still haven't figured it out. I just have one up because of the same thing, I became frustrated with codes and called it quits!! Darn files - they will get you every time!!

    1. Uh! This was literally my 4th attempt starting from scratch. And it's staying for months because I don't want to do that again! Yours is so cute!!!

  4. Your graffitti wall is awesome! How did you make the fonts? How is the paper hanging on the white board? I can't tell what is holding it up...but it looks great whatever it is! Love it!Visit me at P.J. Jots! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you! I used 2 command hooks to hang it on the whiteboard. I strung a longer piece of ribbon through the hole and tied each end onto a metal ring and hung the metal ring onto the hook.I then took 2 wooden stakes (covered in ribbon) and added just some command strips to the back and stuck those on too to keep the paper flat. I just designed and printed the fonts on my computer (Miss Tiina Jumpin' Jack and Hello Esli Scrpit), had my Cameo cut them out and then stuck 'um up!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

    2. Tell me more about the wooden stakes covered in ribbon. Are they yard sticks? How did you cover them in ribbon? Sewed it on?

      My Bright Blue House

  5. HI!
    I just found your blog through Monday Made It... IT IS AWESOME. Your ideas and colorful classrooms are just perfect. I hope to read more! What font is your graffiti wall word? Have a great school year!
    Open the Magic!
    Ramona Recommends

  6. Kelli, I absolutely love your birthday scratch-offs and the new addition to your writing center. I have already purchased your class writing journals, but now I need to make the flashcard activities. Quick question for you, though. Where did you get the cards for the "What's happening" or did you just find pictures online and print them. Also, I don't know if you noticed, but the cover on your rhyming cards is for the flags ones I think! Thanks for being an inspiration! I am excited to start working on these new projects!

    1. Also, where did you get the animal ones? Sorry for all of the questions!

    2. Thanks so much Alley! You most certainly are correct- sometimes I get a little "copy and paste" happy sometimes and loose track of which ones I've changed #storyofmylife. I goofed on another card too so now I'll need to fix 2. I'm so glad to have proofreaders like you. :)

      For the What's Happening- yes, I just found interesting photos from Google and printed them out on the cards. I actually browsed Buzzfeed's "Powerful Photos This Week" search to find some of them (that would be school appropriate of course). All the other flash cards are packs from the Dollar Spot at Target. I had to visit 2 different Targets to find them all. The animal ones are literally just pictures of an animal, but I figure students could pick a couple and make up a story or use the cards to help describe the animals features in a fiction or non-fiction piece.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words... they put a smile on my face! :)

  7. Where can I get the graffiti font for graffiti wall? Thanks


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