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I spend a lot of time at school. Each year, I cut back a little bit more and hopefully this year is no exception. Still, I spend 9+ hours here 5 days straight so I want it to feel cozy and comfortable and orderly.

Additionally, I like to be creative and make my own things. So this summer I had some fun! And I finished it all in time to now switch my focus to decorating my first house with my husband! So my classroom should be staying like this for a while now, which I'm ok with because I love this space.

I'm linking up with amazing Ashley and Angie for their:

I've already shared a few snippets that you can see here. Here's a peek around!

My door and what you see when you walk in! I'm finishing up the door today before our Open House tomorrow. I'm waiting until as late as possible (without feeling rushed) just in case there are any changes to my roster. 

Next to my door is my "control center." Student attendance and lunch is done here, jobs are posted, and our graffiti wall. I'll be adding our morning and end of the day routines here too. My quotes from Miss Maple's Seeds are posted above this board (you can get them here to download). 

If you've been around this blog for awhile, you'll know of my hate-hate relationship with this accordion folding wall. I do get to easily talk to my teammate though as we leave a little crack in between the rooms. However, I think I figured out how to make it functional this year! I made these boards from the Dollar Tree, some left over borders, and my computer and clothespins. They'll hang our many charts.

Always a favorite part of my room- the library! No more books are allowed... I have no room!!!

This is the only bulletin board with something on it- otherwise they are empty. I like to keep them that way when we begin and build them with the students.

This is a new space this year that I'm trying. We'll see how it goes. I love anything that is a magnetic surface so I'm excited for the possibilities (but I'm not sure completely what they are).

This is my corner. I have my computer cart and then I have tables where I pull small groups.

Right next to my corner are things I use DAILY for morning meeting and instruction. You can get the response protocols here.

More blank boards ready for our learning! And homework pockets!

The last wall in my room is full of cupboards and counters. Again, it's a space that I always try to improve but am rarely successful. Maybe this year! Our math manipulatives are in those drawers. 



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