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Hey, hey, hey! I'm finding some time during the week to blog! And it's thanks to Angie and Ashley and their monthly link-up:

We had conferences super early this year. I'm talking like 20 days into the school year. Because it was so early on, I really wanted our time to be a discussion where I share information with families, but that I also get information from families about my students.

And if I'm totally honest, I was still trying to learn about where my students were academically! We spend so much time at the beginning of the year around social and work habits, which is why I choose to focus on that a lot at conference time, because that is what we talk and work so much on during the first few weeks of school. So of course I have some academic things to share with families, but I also spend a good portion on these habits. This year, I created my own habits check. Here's how it worked:

I had students pick a color. They then went through and read each statement. They put an "X" under the picture that best matched what they thought. I went afterwards with a different color and put what I thought.
This was a great talking piece and was great for me to see how students thought they were doing. It also goes along with our growth mindset work we've been doing.

I did an academic check on the back as well.

I checked 1 box on the top for each major category that showed student strengths. On the bottom, I checked 1 box to show how students could continue to grow. I then had additional student work to support these, plus some data from school wide tests. This all was plenty to discuss over our 20 minutes together.

I'll be doing this again for spring conferences and have made some "check-ins" similar to send home in-between conferences to keep families informed. They all follow the same structure so that families can easily following it.

Want these forms for your own classroom? Click on the image below to download your own copy.

**There was a typo on the original. Oops. #mistakeshappen Grab the updated on by clicking on the image above. :)


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