Bump Morphology: Practicing Prefixes and Suffixes

I love finding multiple purposes for an object. I especially love office supply objects. So whenever I can find a useful way to include office supplies into our learning, I get a bit giddy in the gills and slap my head saying, "Why didn't I do this earlier??"

I've been focusing a lot on academic language and vocabulary in my classroom this year. Specifically, I've incorporated a bit more of morphology into our day in some way. To reinforce some of our learning, I created some centers (based off of needs I saw pop up in my room in particular). Today, I'm sharing about....

Bump Morphology

I've been living under a rock. I just learned about this game. And now I want to create millions and millions of Bump games!

We learned a new prefix and suffix each week as a part of our weekly spelling. I noticed that students needed more time to work with the meaning of these prefixes and to stretch their vocabulary beyond the words we used during our introduction of these affixes. So I made a Bump to reinforce the 6 prefixes and 6 suffixes that we'd been practicing.

What office supplies did I use to make this gem? 

  • 2 page protectors
  • paper clip
  • pencil
  • bronze brads
The paper clip and pencils make the spinners possible. I know many of you already use that (as I have too in the past). The page protectors are connected with the bronze brads and keeps the spinner and game board connected. However, when we you are done and need to store it, they fold right up for easy storage in a file folder or drawer!

You'll also need other little "markers" for the game and the game board itself. You could find your own office supplies for the markers such as erasers, but since I am a teacher, I had access to other things such as unifix cubes.

Here's how to play for those of you who are also new to this genius game (with our game boards in mind):

  1. Player spins the spinner (they can choose which one)
  2. Whatever it lands on, they have to find a box on the game board that matches
  3. If they can define what the word means by using their knowledge of the prefix or suffix, they place their colored cube on that square
  4. Next player repeats.

Here's where it gets interesting

  1. If the other player spins and lands on the same prefix or suffix that you have a piece on... and they want it... they can BUMP your cube off and claim it as their own! There's only one way to protect your piece and its placement...
  2. Lock it! In order to lock your piece in a certain box, you'll need to land on the same prefix or suffix and do 1 of two things:
    1. Name the part of speech that prefix/suffix creates (ex: -tion turns a verb into a noun)
    2. Use the prefix/suffix + base word in a 7 power sentence correctly
      1. If you do one of these things, you place another of your makers (unifix cubes) on top of your other piece. It is now locked and protected. Whew!
  3. We have different ways you can win as well:
    1. Be the first player to get 5 locked pieces on the board
    2. Be the first player to get 4 pieces in a row (locked or unlocked)

The game boards are also differentiated...

  • One game board is filled with words already that have the prefixes or suffixes from the spinner. This is for students who need to be exposed first to other words that have these prefixes and suffixes.
  • One game board has a few words already given sprinkled among just prefixes and suffixes. This is for students who should be able to generate some of their own words with the given prefixes or suffixes.
  • One game board has just prefixes and suffixes... no words given at all! This is for students who already have a strong vocabulary with these prefixes and suffixes and makes them think on their feet!
This BUMP game reviews the prefixes and suffixes we have learned. I plan on making more of them as we learn more. For now, you can find this first set in my TpT store by clicking on the image below. This version is not editable- sorry! But since I'll be making more, additional affixes will be added later. Since my students already were exposed to these, they used their work and practice in our classroom to help them. If your students haven't learned these yet, you'll need to teach into the prefixes/suffixes first before they play the game. 

The prefixes included in this set are: un, in, re, pre, dis, im
The suffixes included in this set are: ful, less, y, ly, er (as in the person i.e. teacher), ist


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