Words We're Working With: Week of April 18th

Hey! I wanted to share what we've been up to this past week through the lens of words and language- because let's face it... I love language! You'll notice that I love to use post-its! They allow us to be interactive. I'll explain more for each word wall display.

We started our mystery book clubs. With that comes responsibility around our book clubs and the actual genre study. Let's first see how we tackled some of the genre vocabulary.
I put all the words that I wanted to teach into on separate post its. Then, while we discussed/reviewed the story arc, we added them to the correct part of the story where we would most likely see and use these words. After, we also added a definition. You see that there are 2 more still off the chart. They still need to be added. We are adding them when we get to them in our classroom read aloud since these are two words that are pretty challenge for my third graders. 

I broke the chart down into the story arc as well as characters, since mysteries have a lot of different kinds of characters. When we are talking about our books, we can think about what part of the book we are at and what to pay close attention to. 

We also did this mystery vocab sorting activity from McDee's Busy Bees. They worked on it with their book clubs. I then taped them inside their case file folders for them to reference.
 In writing, we've begun our fairy tale writing unit. We used traditional fairy tales to start as we thought about adaptations. My kiddos used the many read alouds (both traditional and fractured) to discuss and notice why authors change tales, what they change, and how they change.

I was so impressed with what they noticed. When we adapt ours, we will make sure that our "how" supports our "why" when picking out nouns, adjectives, and verbs.

I used Ms. D's Corner's Earth Day lessons and LOVED them! Whenever we learned a new topic, we made a mini-word wall. [I'll update this with the other mini word walls- I Just forgot to snap pictures]. Even better, we practiced using our dictionary skills to define each of these and put it into our own words.

The pictures for this poster were included with Ms. D's pack. I created the other ones just by using Google images. 

So that's some of the words we've been working with this past week! What have you been up to?


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