Monday Made It #4

The creating bug has bitten me finally! However, I'm not able to create as much as I'd like to because of this guy:

Felix is one busy puppy! He's keeping us on our toes and no summer sleeping in is happening (well, kinda- if my hubby gets up before me I may sneak in some additional shut eye). I'm trying to find time to start tackling my to-do list when I'm feeling it, so here's what's up for this week of Monday Made It!

Starting off simple. With flexible seating next year, I'm having to think about supplies. I picked up some of these caddies from the Target Dollar Spot, stuck the rectangle adhesive pockets onto the sides and slid in the little S.S.S. label (for supply stock up station). These will be placed around the room for easy access.

My two favorite little men, my twin nephews, turn 1 on the 1st. We celebrated last weekend and I got to make them their little smash cakes. My first attempt failed and at 9:00 pm the night before, I had to go and get new supplies and start over. So nothing too fancy, but they worked. My sister didn't want any sprinkles or such, so to jazz them up, I made little cake toppers in a comic book super hero theme.

I made the cake toppers on my computer using PowerPoint, laminated them, and then attached a straw cut in half with some gorilla tape (that stuff is amazing, btw) and viola! Easy cake toppers!

I saw this next made it in the Target Dollar Spot and didn't have a use for it right away, but knew that I wanted to spend $3 on it. Anyone else notice that the Dollar Spot has morphed into more of a $3-7 Spot? Still a great place, but I miss all the $1 deals. Anywho.

This little sign will go outside of our classroom. 

It had the word "note" written in the corner, so I used some of my fav fabric washi tape to cover it up, added a little sign to the top and done! The white part is dry erasable, so I can describe what they are looking at a bit more. There's lots of ideas I came up with for using this: showcase student exemplar (with the students name written above), show off a skill we are working on, announce a class goal or that we reached a goal, display student of the week, show clues for future learning... lots of options. 


The last thing was something I made and blogged about earlier in the week. I am loving the adhesive pockets from the Target Dollar Spot (are you sensing a pattern here...). This project was inspired by it. I'm currently working on another one that I need to finish before I share about it (hopefully next MMI). If you haven't checked it out, hop over to the post here or by clicking on the image below. There's a freebie!

I'm co-leading a training this morning for those that are teaching summer school in my district this morning. I hope my little Felix will let me check in and read up on the other fantastic ideas!



  1. First of all--your "distraction" is adorable. Second, I threw some of those pouches into my cart yesterday just knowing I would find "inspiration" somewhere! Love what you did!

  2. I bought some of the pockets, too! I think they will be so useful, and I love how you used them. So CREATIVE!

  3. Wow! I love your ideas! I enjoyed your blog post! Pam  Visit my blog at PJ Jots!

  4. I knew I had to have those pockets when I saw them! Good thing I bought them. :-) Love your idea. Thank you!

  5. If I had a Felix I would get nothing accomplished. I would just want to hug and love him all day long. Maybe that's what it's going to be like having a baby. I didn't know you were a baker too! Look at how crafty you have been this week! Good luck at your training....I won't rub it in that I'm still in my jammies! XOXOX
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. YOUR PUPPY!!!! All the heart eyes for adorable Felix! What a great way to incorporate inferencing skills in the instagram pictures! Love it!
    Miss Johnston's Journey

  7. Felix!! That's a face you can't get too mad at! I really like the idea you had for the adhesive pockets...knew there would be a reason that I bought a ton of them!

  8. have to stop with that puppy or one morning you may wake up and he will be gone because he is with me!!!! He is soooooo cute!!!!!!! Please keep the pics coming! Your made its are making my endless list even more endless!!!! Love!!!!! I finally found those little squares so I am off to get your fab product using them!! Can't wait to see what's coming...could you pm me what I need to get at Target ahead of time....LOL!!! XOXO Thanks for linking up friend!!


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