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This little lady is still in school. Last day with students is on Thursday and then we (the teachers) have to report on Friday.  Maybe you are like me... when it's the school year, I just want to create and do things for my house, family, friends, etc. But then when it's summer, all I want to do is create things for school. Maybe it's a way to find some balance? I don't know. But now that we have a house, I'll be sharing more about all of our little projects...because they make me happy... and they are helping me to find a balance in my teaching... so alas, I will share them on this here blog too so hopefully you are ok with that. I'm so glad Tara will still be doing her weekly Monday Made It linky, with a little twist of guests bloggers! Nicole from Rowdy in Room 300 started it out and you should definitely check it out! I'm warning you that none of these are teaching related really... #sorrynotsorry

First thing I've been up to lately is decorating my shelves. My husband made these shelves and I stained them. I love them and want more of them around the house. I've had a blast shopping and changing them by the seasons. Here's the summer look I've got going on now!

Some of my favorite shops to find the little trinkets include Michaels, World Market, Pier 1, Kirklands, and Home Goods. On a Saturday or Sunday, you'd find me boppin' around to all of these stores trying to find the perfect little addition for the shelves. But things are about to change because... WE'RE GETTING A HOBBY LOBBY LESS THAN 5 MILES AWAY! June 13th. I'm so excited! Although my bank account might not be.

We've also been busy trying to clean up our landscaping. In the fall, we ripped up a bunch of overgrown plants and we reseeded this spring, so we are patiently waiting for that to grow in. We have stumps that need to be ground in the next week or two and we got rid of a bunch of white rock and rose bushes and replaced them with picture on the right! Our first peonies have bloomed! I didn't kill them yet! We also bought some new outdoor furniture and that is where I'm typing this little post from. We bought that big, lovely planter from Home Depot and I planted my first planter! Don't ask me what everything is I put it, because I don't know. I'm just glad nothing is dead yet in it! I'm finding how awesome planting is for my soul (when it isn't too hot and there aren't too many bugs). It's a whole new way for me to be creative. I look forward to more planting.

Last thing I'm sharing is a notepad I made. We are getting a golden retriever puppy in a few weeks (eeeeekkkk!!!) so it is helping to get us motivated to finish a few projects we've been putting off. To keep track of them all, I decided to make a "honey to do" notepad. It was real simple!

  1. Make up your list template. Mine aint fancy.
  2. Print and cut. I printed 10 copies to give me 20 lists.
  3. Find some cardboard around the house and cut out a rectangle that is the same size. I used a clothing box, but I also could have used our Leine's box from all the glorious Summer Shandy we now have in our fridge.
  4. Grab some paper clips and binder clips and clip them at the top of your pile of lists and your piece of cardboard on the back.
  5. Take rubber cement and add a few layers on the top edge. Let it dry in between coats.
  6. Put some magnets on the back (I went a little overboard but I just used up all my extra peel and stick magnets from a previous project and VIOLA! You're done! Hang it on the fridge and get to work (or in my case, don't and have a bowl of ice cream).

I'm hoping once school is out for a bit I'll get my creative juices for school flowing, however, I'm not rushing it. I only do it when I feel productive and I want to. And my first week of summer will be devoted to a Teacher's College Writer's Workshop training- it'll either inspire me at the time or lull me... we'll see! Can't wait to be inspired by all of you!



  1. Love your projects and so glad they aren't teaching related. We are human and if we don't seek out other things to do as well as teacher stuff we lose our passion and sometimes ourselves. Take it from me who learned the hard way. Warning: gardening is very addicting and very therapeutic!! Thanks for linking up friend!

  2. I agree with Tara! Once you get your fingers in the dirt, it's hard to get them out again. It's like magic, watching stuff grow! I love your notepads - so cute and easy to do.

    1. It's amazing! I want to like nature so bad, but I don't do heat or bugs well. This has been the perfect way to start! It's an awesome feeling to realize you didn't kill your hard work haha! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  3. We are closing on our new house on July 8th, so I'm happy to see non-teacher related projects. I'm going to need lots of inspiration this summer. Sending you positive thoughts to make it through the end of the week! Have been missing you!

  4. Golden retrievers are the best! I hope you'll post pictures so I can get my puppy fix. My golden is 11 years old now, so her puppyhood is a long time ago!

    Krazy Town

  5. Your garden area looks great! It makes me want to grab a book, curl up in the chair, and read away.

    1. Thanks Jessica! It's becoming a favorite spot in the evening for sure! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Love your projects. Especially the little gardening one. I feel like I could just sit and enjoy that spot.


  7. I love your idea to create your own magnetic notepad! I might have to try making one of my own.

    Enchanted in Elementary


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