Back to School Must Have: TpT Best Year Ever Sale

Hey Hey Hey! By now you've probably heard that the Back to School sale on TpT is happening TOMORROW! I look forward to this day all summer- my cart is already full (yet I continue to fill it). I've really enjoyed looking through other stores and finding hidden gems that I'm so excited to use in my classroom this year and thought I'd highlight 5 Must-Have Back to School gems from my own store too. Take a look at some of my favorite resources and maybe it'll be just what you are looking for!

This resource has rubrics, graphic organizers, and mini-charts that will be all up in our reading notebooks this year! They are to help my students respond to their reading in a more thorough way and allows me to scaffold and support students on where they are at. It combines all the things I love!

This is my double duty resource! I use text structures to help us learn classroom routines and rituals. It allows me to teach into the routines in an interactive way while also exposing my students to the concepts and descriptions of text structures. I also pull these things out again during reading when we are studying a particular structure so it gets used all year long!

These revising seminars changed the way I taught revision to my students. Groans have now been replaced with buzz and excitement as students learn strategies to improve their writing. The bundle is now finished and includes 3 different units with over 15 seminar options. I blogged about it more in depth here.

This is a brand new project I'll be trying with my students this year and I'm SO excited! I think they'll enjoy it and feel motivated for the year.  I blogged about read alouds to go with this resource and am set to inspire my students to create positive change around them.

Creating tabs for notebooks has been my saving grace! I've finally found a way to keep my students' notebooks organized and they really love them too for that same reason. I've added completely blank tabs now so that others can create tabs to fit their needs!

Those are my top 5 Must Haves for back to school! Now- I'm going back to filling my cart!


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  1. I love how you color coordinate everything to match your room! I must ask you, what is that cursive font you are using on your images? Chances are I probably already have it in my, what seems like billions of fonts, but I don't know what name to search it by. Thanks a million!

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