Monday Made It #9

And we are now in August. I've still got nearly a whole month to enjoy. This week is full of busyness but I hope next week will be my relax week. This may or may not be my last MMI that I can link up with but I'm forever grateful for it as I've finished many projects that I otherwise wouldn't have!

First up-Birthday Swag! I decided to get a little something for birthdays this year. Last year, I did  scratch tickets which were great (and free) but this year I'm changing it up. Walmart had a variety of Scentos items so I grabbed packs of markers, pens, pencils and play dough. I got a class set of pencils as well for open house night.

I made little birthday tags that I'll fill out with their name. And to make birthday time even more fun and random, I created icons for a spinner.

Since I got different items, we're going to spin to determine what item the student will get. I have a large magnetic spinner that I attach to the whiteboard and then these little icons will be placed on it as well. The birthday student will spin and whatever they land on will be what they get to pick out. That way, it's "fair" and once an item is out, I can just remove that icon. Students loved to scratch off their ticket under the doc camera and enjoyed the element of surprise so this will do the trick I think!

Another thing I made was an item that has been requested often since I made my class journals last summer. People wanted blank tabs for math, for younger grades, etc. I just don't have the time to customize it to everyones' needs however, so I put blank tab sets into a resource and posted it in my store. Now you can add 3 sections, 4 sections, or 5 sections to any notebook you please! Works great for interactive notebooks, reading and writing notebooks, science and social studies, and math- you name it. 
Of course they are on sale with the TpT sale going on starting today so hop over, check them out, and get creating!

I've been a lean, mean, task card creating machine! I'm trying to get the first 2-3 units prepared for when we go back to school and I've finished the first one. Since I'm changing up the way I do math, I wanted to incorporate more task cards tied to our standards and our curriculum. Since Minnesota does not use the Common Core for math (we do for literacy interesting enough), I'm making a lot of the cards to fit our specific standards. 

We use Math Expressions (which I love) and they have a lot of additional resources I'll be using as well so I don't need to create everything, but while I have the time, I'm enjoying it as it's helping me get better acquainted with my new grade standards. MX uses circles, triangles, and squares to differentiate some tasks, so when I made the task cards, I added the symbol. That way, even if I download something from another TpT author, I can quickly draw the shape to help remind me which group should get it. 
The cards I make, I'm also trying to color code (tip from The Brown Bag Teacher). Not every set will be green or blue, but for more simple cards that follow similar structures, that's the route I'll go. I absolutely love the photo cases as storage of these... it just makes my organizing heart happy.

Well, I'm off to move wishlisted items into my cart! I've been waiting all summer (although there were a few resources I just couldn't wait for) to buy some resources and get them ready for the new year! Are you shopping today?



  1. Love the Birthday Swag, have to keep that idea tucked away for next school year! P.S.-I'm heading over to TpT to purchase your Agents of Change.

  2. I love your new birthday swag this year! I am sure they will love spinning to see what prize they get!

    Fantastically Fourth Grade

  3. Spinning for prizes is a great idea! Love it!

  4. Would you ever put your birthday notes and spinner cards on TPTs? I love this idea!


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