One Word: Integrity

Do you have that one word that you find yourself constantly referring to? For the last few years, my own word that I find myself using over and over is integrity. It applies to so many things that my students and I encounter throughout the day. So every year, I explicit teach about it so that we can be consciously working on it all year.

After our first sub day, I found it was a great time to introduce this. Our sub day wasn't awful, but it's a great time to discuss the word integrity. I define it to my students as doing what is right, even if no one is watching. I then give them the example of me doing my job in the classroom everyday because it's what I need to do (and want to do). I could just let them play games all day and goof around, but our principal and their parents are counting on me to teach them and do my best. They aren't watching me all the time- I have to practice integrity.

After I define it, we discuss how integrity is mainly shown through our choices. I show and discuss the the poster above that poses 3 questions. If they can say yes to all the questions, then that choice shows integrity. If not, then their choice won't show integrity.

Next, we do a little activity that allows them to brainstorm choices for given scenarios, which also demonstrates to me that they know the difference between right and wrong. They travel around to the cards that are spread out, read them, and write down a choice. Where they write it depends on if the choice shows integrity or not. I typically just grab my extra large math boards and draw a line down the middle.

My kiddos this year were so focused while they traveled around. If they got to a board and someone else had written their idea, I let them put a check mark next to it, but a lot of them thought of other choices. It was really neat to see!

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What word is one of your go-to words? How do you teach it?


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  1. My one word: empathy. I'll be formally introducing concept later, but we talk about this in Morning Meeting. Also, my son - who is about to finish pharmacy school - said this concept was a big part of his program. Integrity - equally important!


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