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Another month is approaching so you know what that means...

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We're a group of elementary teachers that LOVE children's book and LOVE to share a book for the upcoming month along with some ideas on how you might use it!

This month's books have a November theme. My book this month is one that can be used anytime of the year, but has a special meaning around this time of the year.

So there isn't anything in this book tying it to fall or Thanksgiving, however, the way the author explains what beautiful means connects so much with the idea of gratitude.

It starts with a girl seeing a lot of things in her neighborhood that don't seem beautiful.  However, through her mother and teacher, they explain that "Beautiful means when you have something, it makes your heart happy." The book then goes through then a series of different characters that our main character runs into and asks them, "What is your something beautiful?" Most of the things they say are not actual objects, such as a tasty meal, a baby's giggle, a song. Some of the people do share actual objects, but they are everyday items generally.

During the season of Thanksgiving, we have a lot of discussions of things we should be grateful for. I love the idea of looking for things that are beautiful to us and being grateful for them.

So one way to use this book is to make a beautiful, grateful wreath.

I simply cut out a ring on my silhouette as well as little leaves. I decided that each color represents a different category. Yellow leaves were people (and pets) I found beautiful that I'm grateful for, orange were things in nature that were beautiful, and red were either tangible or non-tangible things I found beautiful (such as my wedding ring, handwritten notes, and birthdays). I folded the leaves in half to add some dimension before gluing them all around the ring. Looking at gratitude through the lens of things we find beautiful offers a unique twist to the old question: "What are you grateful for?"

Also, since our conferences are late this year, I'll be using this book to create a class book to have out at conferences for families to look at while they are waiting for their conference.

I'll either have a mixture, let students pick one, or just have one of these templates (haven't decided yet) to have students share what things are beautiful to them. Once they all complete a page, I'll print one of the cover pages, add a class picture to the cover and get it bound to share with each other and our families! Simple!

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