Miss Maple's Seeds pt. 2

I have blogged about this book already before. It's THAT good. I have not done it yet this year with this group of kiddos, so I wanted to add something a little different to go along with our read aloud.  But first, I must introduce you to this wonderful read!

Miss Maple's Seeds is about a little old lady who goes around and gathers seeds over the summer that did not get planted. She then takes care of them, she "learns each seed by heart all similar, yet none the same." Are you already seeing the possible connections?? I normally read it at the beginning of the year this year, but with my grade change, I always had it penciled in but never got to it. However, it makes a wonderful read aloud for the end of the year as well, which is why it's perfect for this time of year!

The book explains how Miss Maple takes care of the seeds and teaches them how to be the best seeds they can be. She explains how they all need different things in order to grow, to watch out of "sinister characters" (a.k.a. weeds) and that they will journey to different places and locations before they begin to take root and grow. 

I normally end of crying towards the end because the similarities between this story and the classroom during a school year are so spot on! You spend 9 months with these kids- getting to know them and what they need in order to grow. They have a lot to learn and sometimes, things can seem challenging and almost make us want to give up. But we also have so many amazing moments and before you know it, it's time to let them go and begin again. 

This year, I'll have my kiddos dive into some of my favorite quotes from the book and try to relate and connect them to themselves. I made this simple "mini" book that is super low prep.

After we go through and read it once for enjoyment, we'll discuss what these quotes could mean if we applied them to people. I picked 3 quotes (although there are so many more) to have us reflect on, as well as for them to compare themselves to a seed.

There's space for them to write a short reflection and after trimming off the edges and folding it twice.

I can't share enough how much I love this book. Take a peek at my first post about it to see how I've taken the whole "growth" concept and applied it to other parts of our classroom in years past. There's a freebie over there too to grab!

Want the mini-reflection book for the read aloud? Snag it below by clicking the image!


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